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Eight five five two one two four CBS. I want to do this before the calls da. You know, what I'm gonna take the calls. I then we'll get to it. Because I think Tom's a fibrin Tom is telling is to himself about the Pro Bowl. I think Tom's manufacturing hot take shall we? But everybody's upset about the saints. And everybody's upset about that. I mean, I had I swear to God Tom is my witness. I had all types of topics to talk to you about today, America. I wanted to talk about Carson Wentz. And I wanted to talk about more about baseball. And I wanted to talk about the overtime rules, which I did actually both teams should have to play defense on overtime. And I think that a lot of people hate Tom Brady. So they had sour grapes because they got to the Super Bowl. But I also think those people who had sour grapes are also. Right. If you change every. Role for the offense. Then both teams should have to play defense when it's all on the line. At least once that's where I stand on it eight five five two one two four CBS. So I guess that's done. And now, we'll go back to the same stuff because people are either telling him to get over it or people saying, you know, I feel really bad Jake in Syracuse. I think it'd be an interesting call and I'm glad Jake stayed Jake. You're next up on CBS sports radio. Go ahead. Boy, I feel like I'm the only one in this country that sees the irony in in the New Orleans Saints. As long as Sean Payton and anyone who's ever been on a team during bounty gate on that team deserves to be in the playoff much less poodle another Super Bowl trophy. They should have that trophy revolt. They. Two inches away from murder and Brett farve in the play offs murderouns wrong here and they go on to win the Super Bowl that year. I it's unbelievable to me. Nobody's talking about that. I can't believe it took this long for someone to make this call Jake and by the murder is a little strong. I mean, it's the saints defense. It's not Luca Brasi over there. I mean, let's come on couldn't stand off by the end of that game. It was unbelievable. But he didn't. Well, okay. We'll find Jake. I think it was that tremendously bad. But either way, hey, you get to a guy you get to a guy. You put hard hits on them. What are you gonna do? Now. The circus fifty thousand dollars for he did and he served in. But this is two thousand nine this is two thousand nine this is this is still just before concussions just before the billion dollar class action lawsuit before they had to act like they cared about such things. And then this comes after that comes around. I'm sure they would like to kept it, quiet. And now, you have guys who their entire futures and their entire histories will always be connected to it. It's amazing. You know, I'm in Cleveland. I'm in Cleveland, Jake. Greg Williams was the interim head coach, and I talked about Greg Williams and people say, well shouldn't Greg Williams. Get a chance to be the head coach. And I said, yeah. But I don't know if he ever will because bountygate is with him Sean Payton had a year off because nobody remembers it. And I am surprised what I have. I have a year. Yes. I have a producer here. Kenny kid who I loved dearly, and he is the biggest Brett Farr fan. I know in this got brought up this week. And he went on the same rate. You just did Jay. Same rant. Unbelievable people. Look the other way when I talked to him about it like I like, I'm I'm like, I'm crazy. It's unbelievable. What if you're hater? Brought up the fact that they won the trophy that year feelings. That they got on that team in the coach a year that they went to go on and win the Super Bowl. It hasn't even been brought up that maybe they should at least have a Asterix next to that program. Now, I would say that again this is from and Jake thanks for the call. I'm glad he made that call because boy, I can't believe it took that long. Now, I was probably in a minefield there. So probably other people had it. But Jake was the first one who actually put it out there. I think if you go over any before I must say this my answer to Jake's call said this to Kenny back earlier this week. My answer to that is that it's still before the concussion era because that's where we're in now. And I think that was certainly more common of a practice than what we wanna realize. We remember the body bag game. We are Jake about the body bag game is fans, I think it was more prominent than what people really want to admit, and certainly what the NFL wants to let out there. Eight five five two one two four CBS. But if you're a fan, this is karma. Yeah. It's karma. Oh Dell and Tennessee you're next up on CBS sports radio. Go ahead. How you doing today? Odell I'm doing horrible. Thanks for asking. Yeah. That's both. I was sorry. The reason why people are upset about the NFC championship game is because the saints didn't lose it. It was taken away from him. Everybody knows that. Okay. Back in two thousand nine when they won the Super Bowl hitting Brad far was not against the rules. They did not break any in game rules, right? That's my answer to it. Yeah. And. Basically that that's that's what I'm trying to say is that they didn't break any rules in two thousand nine as far as in game play. Well, see now Odell you're right about that. And thank you for the call. Tom is already upset Tom to the fan. It feels that they've missed out on that. And they got jobbed by that call and that's why they lost the game. That will be the understanding, Tom. You are in my ear screaming at me about it. Go ahead. Make your opinion on us. It's a different thing. It's a different thing saying that that that was a bad call that costs us and saying that we got the game taken away from us. You don't have any entitlement to winning that game. You were not leading. It didn't take points off the border points on the board. I never really been through this. But like, this is not the way the NFL works. Okay. He could have called a pass on first down. In fact, it's probably likely they would have it could have been an incomplete pass on firsthand. They could have missed the field goal. The game could have ended up being worse for the saints. If they had gotten a call then it ended up being with getting the opportunity to restart going into overtime. Let's stop saying that Tom. You know, they don't need to stop saying that fans are always going to say that the referee calls are always going to be a part of the conversation to a fan. All it shouldn't be the end all be all. But it's always going to be a part of the conversation. Now, I don't think there's really any scenario any scenario. Well. I take that back canes at Notre Dame. What was it eighty eight Jimmy Johnson was it earlier than that? It was probably earlier than that might have been eighty seven. Where the ball went across. And they thought it was Melvin Bratton put the ball across. And they thought it was a they thought it was a fumble maybe there, but there was no replay back in. So maybe that's the case. To that was okay. I. Dash again, wait a minute. That was a first down. And you know that. Okay. Go ahead. Shoot explanation for the Ohio State Michigan bringing that up is because that's a different type of game where it's two teams kind of kind of playing at their top level the hallway, and it's one that called the necessarily decide the game either. That's harsh to say. But it's one of the things where there are very few things backing that separated those two teams and that call separated the two teams, I don't see that. As the example of what happened between the saints and Rams on Sunday. That's just not what I'm not saying. You're wrong. I'm not saying you're wrong. They didn't the refs didn't throw the interception. They didn't throw the interception. So you're right. Of course, they didn't. But to a fan were arguing their feelings. And it's hard to argue emotions. I agree. That's the point. But your feelings don't make it. What happened or make it the correct his contacts, correct? Context or even the field or even the best way to approach it as a fan because don't you as a fan you want your team to get over the hump? You want your team to get on next? You don't wanna blame your own team? You don't wanna blame your own team an inch in for Sean Payton. And this is what we thought about you don't want to blame your own team. You don't want to believe that your own team's fault. Because you feel like you're a part of the team. And then it's let down and then you have to ask harsh truths about yourself. Drew Brees is one of the greatest quarterbacks all time. We'll why did he throw it? Interception. Well, because the offensive line gave up a block, and there was an arm that was put in his way and he gave up the interception at the end of the game. Then before that, why isn't Sean Payton making some of the play calls or why is he making some of the play calls that he made in the fourth quarter. Why did they not take advantage of all the glorious opportunities that they got in the first quarter? They could've been up seventeen nothing in the first quarter twenty one nothing, and they let that thing slip through their fingers and Sean Payton went to the day after the game here. I am worked into a shoe Sean Payton goes to the day after the game. And he puts it on the refs. And at that moment, you have to understand, right? Try to understand that. He's trying. To back up his guys he thinks he got job his guys think they got job. But you know, what you did have the rest of the game. You had the entire Rams Dr NGO had over time with a veteran football team with a veteran coach. So you know, what I could start to take away from this here, Tom, you know, what I think the fans can start to take away from this Tom is that Finns didn't freak out. Then maybe the refs afterwards while they sucked in that non call didn't necessarily freak out. It was Sean Payton who didn't give the leadership to his team that he needed to give as a veteran NFL head coach to look at these guys and go yet can't beat the rest, but you can't worry about them your belong here. The fans are with you. You got seventy five thousand in the seats behind you get over it and go win. It can get all the way behind that. All the way on that. Hi. We good downtown where great you just. That's it. That's all. I wanted to say if you come out with that. I would I would have needed to talk at all fire the music there. Billy fire them. Tom. With that. I think you're lying to yourself. Tom said before the show earlier this week. Then he hates the Pro Bowl. He thinks it's disgusting. And they need to do away with it. I think you're a liar. I think you're a bold faced liar. Tom is that right? Yeah. You're lying to me. I think you're in because you're on the show, you're not just lying. You're lying to the American people. Let me ask you this. Would you rather watch the Pro Bowl and make fun of it or? Watch real housewives.

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