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So Arthur Brooks, he is the president of the American Enterprise Institute. He is also leaving there to become a professor at Harvard. God bless you, man. And he is a producer of a new documentary called the pursuit, and it's all about the free market system. It is something that everyone should be watching. And especially if you have people who are democratic socialist or socialist or your kids in college, they should watch this. It has the heart that the free market system should have when we're selling it. It's not all facts and statistics, it has a lot in. However, it is really more about lifting people up from poverty, and it comes out in a few weeks. Yeah. It does. Well, it's all over the country right now. So it's in screenings in about one hundred communities, we're in three international film festivals. And it'll be on digital platforms during the summer, and it'll be on Netflix starting in August. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. I'm so happy about that. My whole career has been David to trying to lift people up toward equal dignity in the limitless potential that people actually have the free enterprise system exists. And the reason we should fight for it is only because of that, you know, it's not for us. You know, it's not for I do in Clinton Arthur because we're very lucky people were prosperous people. And and the truth is we could prosper under system socialism. I don't want to it wouldn't be fair wouldn't be right. But we could who who needs capitalism who needs free enterprise, the people who are still at the periphery of our society. We gotta fight for them. The next two billion people they need us. And when I talk about this film is how you with with proper regulation, obviously with morals because you can't have Marcus without morals. If you do they'll be ruined ruined everything. And if you have these things, then you can be a force for goodness in the world and showing that bringing people together listening to everybody what a joy, it was to make this picture. So. Arthur let me ask you. Let me ask you this. We are sitting in a really interesting time, as you know, that I was not for Donald Trump to put it mildly in the last very vocal about that. I have I've watched him. And I still have the same concerns that I've always had on many fronts on other fronts. He has done what he said he would do or more, for instance, on Israel. It's been crazy. He's also done things that I thought he would do and frighten me like the the trade barrier. Right. We have. When it comes to this next election. If I am faced with one of these social Democrats or one of these people that are even dancing around the edges of saying, you know. Yeah. Well, we gotta get rid of the free market system. You know, eventually, right? I mean, I I know who I'm gonna vote for how do we square this with? With what we're facing because what we're facing is the end of the west and America, as we know it we've had threatened threats from socialism forever in this country. It always comes back. Maybe in the nineteen thirties thirties, but after every financial crisis it comes back. And so if you see after the eighteen ninety s to financial crises that were just hard core. Eighteen ninety to nineteen Ninety-six silver busters railroad bus just as bad as what we saw in two thousand eight worse as a matter of fact, and you got William Jennings. Bryan was this left-wing populace to also was anti immigration anti trade and all the stuff that we don't like populism both, right and left. This always comes around. And this is always our opportunity for those of us who believe in the promises of democratic capitalism to lift at the world, you gotta look at these times. And you say this is an opportunity. Look, you're the quintessential entrepreneurs land not just in media in a bunch of businesses because you believe that when you look around you say something's not right? That's an opportunity to build something. Good and true. So if we look at the idea Konomi today, we say all these people all these young people say the capitalism is a sham that socialism is a better as a better system. You've got people running for. President you have leaders in congress were espousing democratic socialism. That's our opportunity because that's when the conversation is right. So I look at this. And I say man, I am so lucky to be alive right now. I'm releasing a movie on major digital platforms that talks about how capitalism is a beautiful system for helping the poor. It couldn't be better timed and all of us can do that. The Glenn Beck is an apostle for democratic capitalism. And you're going to get a better bigger audience listening to the fact that you believe in global brotherhood, not in global prophet. And that's the reason that you stand behind the free enterprise system. It's a look there will be bad things will happen. I got it. But there's going to be good things that happen to and let's focus on all the good things that we can make happen. So how do we? How do we make the impact? How do you have the conversations because quite honestly, I feel when I go to Silicon Valley, and I know what Silicon Valley is. But. A lot. And you talk about your very sophisticated the way you talk about technology. So I go there, and I feel in some ways that I am in a place that is more America than America because their group of young people who are like, hey, I have an idea, and they just do it. And it changes the world, it is truly free market and end the ideas are so exciting, and they're so big. I mean, they're talking about changing the world. It's it's dynamic. Where are those people on our side? Where are the people? We are good. At articulating. I mean, I kind of came to a place. Arthur, I if I could do my whole career over again. Yeah. What would you do you? I would be I would be like you start by playing the French horn and not making your own. Kicked out of college. I you know, I was the what third or fourth most admired man the year. I went to FOX from CNN, you know, that stupid a people that was tied with the pope in Nelson Mandela K. That's crazy. I don't know. This is a commercial for America here. So. Voted for you. So when I went to when I went to FOX saying the same thing, it all change, and I became this political figure politics is at the back end of the dog. And not the front end, and you are pigeonholed into something that is is ugly and grotesque, and I kind of came just recently too to the feeling that we, you know, we all have we all have our own gifts, and we all have our own positions. And I've not liked mine. Mine has been warn people. And I hate that. I wrote an alcoholic family. I don't like conflict. I mean, look at me. I'm yesterday dragging me through the mud saying that I said that you know, Muslims attack. Notre which is the opposite of what I said, you know, I'm always in the centre of conflict, and I hate it. But my role is to warn people on what's coming, right. Your role is to help us out and say, here's the path forward. So what is it that we say to our friends, what is it that we have to change? You know point to the the the bright horizons and say look at this person look at what's happening here. Look what's happening here. Where where's our course? Our course is self-improvement than Merican religion that you are the master of yourself. And that's what we're on the cusp of reviving this happens a couple times a century in the United States. It hasn't happened for a while. We're really ripe for it. And look you and I are in the same business because you are a self-improvement guy. You are a man of the revolution of the individual heart after you know, the end of the nineteenth century when America was beaten down civil war. Tons of poverty, financial crises polarization, populism kinda like now except worse in most ways because we were much poorer country. That's when the self-improvement revolution really swept across this country. And what that was was entrepreneurship of each person the startup of each life. And that's what we really need to bring a culture back of hearing, you if you want people. To stop the young people in campus to stop talking about socialism. You have to help them that they are the master of their feelings and their the master of their fate, which is empowering it's encouraging its aspirated in it. And here's the best part. It's true. It's it's why Jordan Peterson. And so that's why Jordan Peterson is popular by the way that you think that you're just Zeki oil, you know, your bureau profits like, you know, the end is near. That's not true. You know, your courage in person when I watch you in a real issue. I'm watching for years and years CNN FOX, and since you've been on your own in this incredible entrepreneurial venture, your aspirational person because you believe in the goodness of this country. And you believe that everybody listening to us everybody who's on the other side of these mics, they they're they're entrepreneurs with their own lives to the true enterprise of life in America is each person listening to us, and we we can get back that culture, then then we're off to the races. And that's what I wanna start. And I think we're a man I think we're on the edge of. I've written this. I read this book called the pursuit. I started the movies the pursuit. I wrote love your enemies, which came out one month ago. Love your enemies, Matthew five forty four. It's how you can be an entrepreneur by loving, your enemies. It went on the best seller list. That's that's very encouraging to me because people are hungry for it. So the people are listening to us. Okay. What are you going to do? What's your opportunity? Somebody's gonna treat you with contempt with nastiness your opportunities to treat people with love. Chase standby. We'll get into that in.

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