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Oh pages not live yet. that i'm kind of gal. If you contact me. I can give people more information. I like her. I like your sizzling caught off. I feel like as well so it needs. You need to make some kind of audio ad for that and have you all sizzling hot off a lot to do like a Audience who thought about that. I'm going to do video but it's cyanide might. This is a box of wings getting bj off of this. But i think i could do something. Quite sort of tien shakes vam. Itt sales Off kind of. I like the Probably perfectly while which goes on alongside everything. We've been talking about today. Sweet but genuinely has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for allowing me to rent by the way this is going to be all about you. And your podcast be intimate. But he's been such a fabulous could accomplish us up. Some people probably think. I wish they would this good thing. Now it's actually wait though off just yet because there is a story to come. Ooh which is why. You're tuned in in the first place and that story will be story from puck creations but for now once again today. Thank you so much at a few quite dated riddick me for adventure so as soon as i reached the small town of tens in zeeland adoptive my bags and stuff to to walk following the very clear directions towards the coast commonly provided to me by lady running the hostile reception. I ended up nowhere. Ne- the coast as we've all of these situations. I didn't really might tens has some beautiful back. Streets and houses. Locals are a treat to a lovely couple karen. Graham started chatting to me and once. I explained that i was visiting. There rarely visited tom as part of a much longer trip. They were happy to direct me to a walking trail. They even gave me an extra water to keep me going. Two and a half hours into my we'll hook and we have less legible views by mutt. Tiff expected i. The defy hit taken. Navan puff still. I was enjoying the adventure and it wasn't much longer before i came across a junction with a few signposts offering some less than attractive options. I could continue on the same slightly sleepy drill for four hours a back. Oh i could follow an alternative Off back towards tends to tendons sounded like a challenge to me. So i picked up the pace and started on my way. It didn't take long for me to doubt my decision puffs one obvious that will not so steep climbs dangerous jobs and natural barriers. In the way. I was almost done on my heels to go back the way i came when i reached one of the my beautiful views. I could possibly imagine like a kid in a sweep. The temptation was too strong. I had to see what else there was. What an adventure this became ducking and diving around trees navigate on my way for book not always successfully on jumping from rock to rock to pass rivers and streams. It wasn't this difficult. The occasional white paul and flat terrain. Even give me the opportunity to joke in. It'll but as soon as the puff narrowed again. I tread very carefully. Unfortunately treading carefully wasn't enough when i can close to death than i've ever been. The terrain had food me beneath my feet was what seem to be solid ground but in fact it was just a pile of fallen branches and leaves covering the nothingness below. I stepped fell with a reflex not usually associated with life. Is money's to grab onto. Overhanging tree above me was a narrow paul and some books below me also trump. Nobody could survive with nothing but adrenaline fuelling me. A pulled myself backup. It was all the more incredible. Because i had never before managed even one pull up. Go back on the path. And i started moving again as if nothing happened the way to the end of the trial which by the way i completed in less than two hours i felt great. That was no panic. Fear nothing it was old very strange. Become the evening sitting in the hostile lounge watching movies and reflecting on my adventurous day. Did it hit me. The female shudder even as i read this years later. My heart beats faster. Waltz could have been had been wishing for more adventurous day uncertainty. Got one still be careful what you wish for. You've just been listening to the story

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