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We're all actors in this us posed what is avenue that in the last twenty years america has changed from a producer who consume and all consumers know that when produce name tony consumer has got today we produce a very inflexible at that and now we arkansas was in finding it difficult to understand natural resources and federal would change joe world the arabs used three in third were they have lost his second world and put a firm downpayment on first one controlling your resources will control your world this country have been surprised by the way the world looks now they don't know what they want matt dillon a bob dylan they don't know if they want to be diplomats saw continue the same policy of nuclear nightmare diplomacy john foster dulles named posven airport now the idea concern is the fact that this won't nostalgia they wanna go back as far as they can't even if it's only as far as last week not to face now tomorrow but to face backwards and yesterday was the day allow cinema heroes friday to the rescue of the last possible moment seo the man in a white hat old man on the white horse old man who always came to save america the last moment someone always gained disable america at last moment especially in view and what america found itself having a hard time facing the future they looked for people like john wayne with his john wayne with no longer available they shuttle.

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