Vice President, North Carolina, Russia discussed on Midday News Break


Failure sister of the gunman's girlfriend says mary lou dan lee had been sent overseas by him weeks ago no way sod that he will be there the pre dailies back in the us now investigators hope she can shed light on a possible motive for the mass murder jill snyder of the atf says steven panic had built an arsenal from october 2016 to september twenty eight 2017 he purchased thirty three firearms majority of them right fels congressional democrats rallied outside the capital today for new gun control measures in the wake of las vegas they were joined by former congresswoman and gunshot victim gaby give hurts we must never stop by any i fight fight secretary of state rex tillerson is spoken out about a story that painted him as at odds with the president and this close to quitting over the summer cbs's steven portnoy blockbuster nbc report had the secretary of state calling the president a moron when asked directly at a hastily arranged press event rex too lucien didn't deny that he said it he called the matter petty stuff that we did dispute the reports contention that he was so frustrated with mr trump and vice president pence urged him not to quit the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain in the sectors state because i have never considered leaving this post the president tweets that the nbc story has been totally refuted and he demanded the network issue an apology to america steven portnoy cbs news the white house ahead of a senate committee says they're still examining evidence in the russia investigation north carolina republican richard burr says they focused on an intelligence community assessment killing it we have interviewed everybody who had a hand in the ica i think there is general consensus among members and staff that we trust the conclusions of the ici the intelligence community believes there was russian interference in the campaign he says twenty five more people still need to be interviewed burst says the issue of collusion is still open wall street the dow is up thirty one points.

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