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They'd like to have your hide some well, the teachers were out there chanting look at the end of the day. We're trying to save the system form. That's that's the irony of all of this in my mind. Anyway, is the here we are trying to save the systems, and we're getting all this pushback. Angry and fearful teachers became a regular presence in the state capital. I'm the only governor in the lifetime of any of the teachers that had fully funded the plant and yet they seemingly hate what we're doing on a local radio show. Governor Bevin shot back main reality is a group of people that are throwing pretend deprive Bevin has made a number gone virtual statements about teachers over the last few months. John Cheever most politicians do not want to be seen as critical of teachers Matt Bevin obviously has decided he's comfortable crossing on. Why how remarkably uninformed folks are? Old thing that you can't win an argument with ignorant person in. So a person is uninformed about a topic not even able to make their own Kate what they believe if people that these are educated people with with the ability to listen to understand. So if they truly still believe that this is bad for them it is due to being misinformed. And they're like, how dare you say we don't understand the choice of languages such agreed year seen as arrogant dismissive talking down to teachers firemen policemen. If people wanna be offended, they can be offended by anything. You can parse things. Take things out of context. Even take them in context. You MRs appropriately careful choice of language and really served as bait. And I think if people constructive way. Yes, you do whether know if do does everybody agree with that? No, no regrets. No. Here's the thing. I'm trying to save a system that needs to be saved. By March twenty eighteen the pension Bill had stalled and time was running out. So with just a few days left in the legislative session state, Republicans try to last minute maneuver, if we do not take action on this pension Bill. They will be massive layoffs across the Commonwealth of Kentucky Senator Morgan mcgarvy. None called into a crowd capital. Groom we do not handed to build our toll. They were gonna vote on good compromise plan. Turns out that they were handed a sewage Bill they're swapping out anything they had to do sewers and putting in languages that change the pension system in Kentucky forever going forward. First of all this is very unfair to vote on Bill that out of the check the number of pages that are on this field. And it has got the naked this decision today and then limit discussion. And no one had a chance to read it outside of the Republican members of the Senate Democrats hadn't had a chance to read it the teachers association the public the press. Nobody else knew it was in there. And this thing's about. Come along. This is a committee meeting, sir. Yes, there it is. And we're allowed to ask questions or anything pretended to this Bill, which none of his essays up to couple of you guys of never seen such Gorby stolen out here in my years service. We've had three or a lot of anger in the room extreme Hank committee chair Jerry Miller, it was an unpleasant task. I was asked to do. No one wants to make other people unhappy, and and I will say I've Oded on plenty of bills. I didn't get to read. Unfortunately, I had no choice, but you have to consider all of the factors. We couldn't pass a budget. If we didn't have a pension Bill, and that is why I agreed. We've got to get this Bill back to the floor. So we can have a debate full debate on it knowing that the optics were terrible. I'm concerned first of all that what we're doing illegal. I'm hoping that we can have a Representative of the teacher organization to testify here today..

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