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R. Scott Horsley reports investors will be listening closely for any hints of upcoming changes on the central bank's policy on interest rates the federal reserve's interest rate setting committee meets later this month and many observers expect the committee to lower rates for the first time since the beginning of the Great Recession more than a decade ago that appear to be moving in that direction last month would emphasize growing uncertainty with both the US and global economies the feds calculation could change however after a better than expected jobs report last week president trump is standing by labor secretary Alex Acosta make calls for a constitutes that down over his handling of a sex trafficking case in Florida involving the wealthy financier Jeffrey abstain trump is praising Akon stuff but also says he will be looking closely at a cost as role in the plea deal under scrutiny as being too lenient the Emmy winning actor rip torn is died towards publicist says he passed away peacefully at his home in Connecticut he was eighty eight for many made his film debut in nineteen fifty six and turned to comedic roles later in life appearing in movies men in black and Dodge ball in which he played a legendary player turned teacher you've got to learn the five these love wall nods two one one is in before a key role in the Larry Sanders show you're listening to NPR news United Nations nuclear watchdog the I. A. E. A. is preparing to hold an emergency meeting today the meeting is set to get underway in a couple of hours with Iran's nuclear program on the agenda U. S. called for the meeting after you run twice preach to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal at the trump administration withdrew from a year ago Iran says it is responding to the economic sanctions the ministration reimposed Delaware could soon see its first openly transgender state senator Sir McBride is currently the national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign Serra Mueller from Delaware public media reports on big brights run for a seat in the Delaware Senate to twenty twenty Sarah McBride is a Wilmington Delaware native with a long history in politics at the twenty sixteen Democratic National Convention she made history by becoming the first openly transgender person to speak at a major party convention but big bright says she's not campaigning to make history she's campaigning to make a difference I'm not running to be a transgender state senator I'm trying to be at I'm running to be a senator who was born and raised in this community and I'm right who cares about my neighbors he fried says expanding access to affordable healthcare tops our agenda her passion for the issue comes from caring for her late husband who died of cancer for NPR news I'm Serra Mueller in Dover Delaware and you're listening to NPR news trying to adopt a child in the United States is complicated expensive and sometimes heartbreaking most of my friends have tried and had terrible experiences several of them have actually ended up pulling out of the foster to adopt them entirely your stories and how one journalist experience sheds light on a broken system that's next time on the take away from W. NYC and P. R. I. that program heard of.

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