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You ever spent much time thinking about leadership and. Leaderships skills leadership skills are ones that help people to create an. Environment, that allows teams to achieve success but there's a lot. Of confusion of what leadership really means leadership does not mean title title does not make you a leader look I've had the title of chief technology officer Hewlett. Packard I have a CEO title now leading a team. Of two hundred incredibly bright and motivated, individuals just because I have the title does not, make me a leader leadership is also not. About telling others what, to do it's not about running around and. Saying now you go. And get that little, task, done and you overhear get that little task done that is not leadership and it's not also it's, not expecting others To clear every decision with you first so if you're leading other managers in expecting them to. Come to you the clear every decision that they're gonna. Make before they make it that is, not leadership that swings into what I call micromanagement, leadership is it's about inspiring others it's about. Motivating others to achieve, success beyond what they could have ever imagined Again it has no relation to title And when I think back to people in my career who. Showed, me those kinds of leadership abilities I naturally gravitated I wanted to. Be, on their team I wanted to be part of that project I wanted to achieve that success now. One person I've talked. About a lot in the show over the last fourteen years is Bob Davis Bob, was my mentor he hired. Me in my first real what I would call my first real job but it was through Bob's I. Don't know what you want to call, it really modeling leadership with the teams that I was on or teams that I've watched him lead. That really drew me. To him to understand and dissect why was he special why was he different from, other people in leadership positions People that were in management position I wouldn't even give them the the the credit. Of being calling them leaders they were in management positions I'm talking about leadership and leadership skills are important not only to leaders but also individual contributors learning leadership skills helps you when you're part of. A team when yourself? Leading when it's there's no clear authority or no clear A person who's supposed to be in charge but it's team leadership you still need those leadership skills And that really plays in growing in in increasing role particularly as you get more experiences as you work on more projects in this plays in critically important role around innovation and innovation leadership, leadership skills on the Rhone important innovation leadership when it comes to the whole process of driving, innovation it is even more. Critically important because in the case of what I found an, innovation projects there isn't really one person there may be the person who came, up with the idea and there may be some person who threw on some enhancements to those ideas but it's a self formed team that comes around those innovations that really transform them from something on a on a whiteboard, or something scribbled in. In a notebook to actually making Something that is just absolutely mind blowing but when you take a look at top leaders whether it's leaders and organizations leaders in government Leaders in your. Life what is that one key ability when I die suck leaders that I have been heavily influenced, by that key skill is influence now influence. Comes across as, being something soft and fuzzy kind, of hard to get your arms around but that's what we're gonna talk about today what is influence what are, the characteristics of influence and then how do you use influence to play a leadership role around whether it's innovation or the your work or even, amongst your friends and family in influencing, them on how to look at the world differently, or how to think about, a problem differently So what is influence influenced, there's really two definitions that I like for the word influence there's one that says the power to clause change without forcing the change to happen The power to cause change without forcing those changes to happen It's not about reaching in there making the change happen or getting in, there doing the task or getting in there and telling people you know what the correct answer is It's about the power to cause, change without forcing? Those changes to happen The second definition that I, really do like also is a person that effects. Someone in important way a person that affects someone in an important way So let me ask you a question, who have been the influencers in your own life Who have been the ones that have, had some form, of an. Effect on you in what you think in what you do your career choices your success And influence in your personal life could be you know if you're married your spouse it could be an old boss it could have been a, teacher it could, could've been A professor it could have been a friend of. Yours who you just admire in the their they're inspirational for you in that influence on you wanting to model, that behavior, order achieve what they have, been able to achieve so think. About what has what has been. That influence on you Win have you seen someone used influence to make something happen then again it's not about making it happen influences. About that power to cause change without forcing those changes to happen And what I'll tell you is is that in what you'll find is is that influence is core to leadership but I'm calling leadership now I've spent a lot of time I've looked at top leaders whether it be politicians or whether it be statesmen what I call statesman people that we gravitate to to. Try to understand or get their views and opinions and have, them influence us on things to be able, to think about doing for, society or changes or helping solve critical issues and when I take a look. At all of. Those influencers those that had direct effect on my life? Direct effect, on my career what I've seen, their ability to listen positive change in other parts of society it's this Nebulous skill of influence it's really is this influence that plays this absolutely critical role in again influences in about forcing. The change it's about understanding how to have the power to, cause the change without forcing the change to, happen influence plus leadership allows, you to have this level of power to cause change without forcing those changes. To happen And there's I said before a person? That affects someone, in an important way is an influence in your life, now for the rest of this show we're gonna talk about two areas one is? I want to share with you what I think are the. Attributes of influence what are those attributes you need to have in really. To have this power of influence to drive change and then Secondly I wanna talk specifically about how. Do you exert influence how do you use this. Power to actually exert influence in what you are doing so how you become it influence her in other. People's lives I'm giving you a little bit of my my little secret Mojo here what are the attributes. Of influence and then how do you successfully exert influence so don't go anywhere that's what we're gonna talk About the? Rest of today's show we're gonna need to take a quick. Commercial break but when we come back up continue on next up we're. Gonna talk about what are the attributes of influence and I've got a challenge you to think about..

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