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It's pretty much what a lot of people are talking about. Today. We'll also talk about rolling over those forgotten for one kid counts and putting that money to work. Mike Canete and Ryan Herbert are here to help you grow. Keeping distributor wealth in the most tax efficient manner possible. Ryan Herbert, How are you? It's great to see you this weekend. I'm doing wonderful. It's nice weather outside. We are At the anniversary, the 20 year anniversary of 9 11, So you know, we're always trying to remember and And never forget, But we gotta have a plan for the future. And that's interesting because as Americans You know, today is a tough one man. Uh, it's 20 years and we we we reflect will never forget, But like you said, we always have to be looking Forward, and the premise of the show is to help you prepare for retirement, you know, and and and that's what we're going to focus on. Even today. I think that the unique thing about what today is is that this is probably One of the few times where you can think back 20 years ago and know exactly where you were what you were doing. At this time, and I think that's fairly unique in that aspect, because there's not many other times where I can say 20 years ago on the state I was doing X and you know you want to, You know you want to remember that? But you You want to have a plan for the future, So that way retirement can be memorable for you, and you think back. It was 20 years ago and where we can be in retirement. For 20 years for 30 years, Uh, and that's a long time and can people conceptualize before building a plan with you guys at the savvy investor radio and a pro status Financial advisors group. Can they can they comprehend what that's going to look like that that that time span 20 to 30 years in retirement is a long time. No, I don't. I don't think many people do you know when listeners come in from the radio show, you know, they give us a call, and we set up a time for us to sit down and talk about their situation. Or or people come to the workshops of the seminars or just the referrals that our clients send us. Everyone really focuses on the day I'm going to retire or the year I'm going to retire, and they focus on Do I have enough money And you know that That's great that that's the one thing that they're focused on. Because that is really the most important thing. And the do I have enough money? Question is always you know, I've saved all these years. You know, I've put money away in my 41 K. I've gotten My employer match I've been in the stock market. I have been out of the stock market. However they invest, you know, Now is the time for me to try to preserve this money. Try to protect the money and then you know, how do I turn it into An income stream. You know, A lot of people are working with advisors. You know, these are advisors that have been working with for 10 15 20, maybe 30 years and that adviser really has done. A great job of getting them to retirement. They've done a great job. Growing the money, but then when it comes to actually spending the money distributing the money That's kind of where a lot of other advisers unfortunately do fall short because the tactics that you used to grow money as best as you can over the years. Is significantly different than how you preserve, protect and distribute money. And you want to do it as tax efficiently as possible. And at the bottom of the statements that you get from these types of advisors that says we can't talk to you about taxes, consult your tax advisor. And so you know this, this mind set shift that we've talked about. Quite often on the show of where you're going from working every day for a paycheck to have, you know, Stop working and do the things you want to do and have the money work for you and create that paycheck. That's the same. Mindset switch that you need with a financial advisor. Maybe that adviser that got you to retirement is not the best advisor to get you through retirement. And if you want to sit down and have a conversation about what Can retirement look like for me? How do I make my money last for 2030 40 years Because people are living longer. Retirement is not our retire at 65. I die at 75 retirement Is I retire at 60? I retire at 62. I lived on 95 or 100. That is the new reality. In retirement. So for the next five callers that have saved at least $500,000 or more I'd like to extend this special invitation for you to come in and sit down with Mike or myself personally and well, put together your own comprehensive retirement plan. Give us a call 3213849820321384 98 20. It's a savvy investor radio in the savvy investor podcast run, Herbert, You talk about planning, financial planner retirement plan, But I guess that's really hard to nail down and pinpoint exactly what that is. Because we're all so different. What's going to work for me may not work the same as you know, my neighbor so and so forth, because of you know what we've saved. And those types of things. So having a plan is really a custom thing that is really hard to to kneel down. You want to have a custom. Retirement plan. You know, you don't want to go through retirement. You don't want to approach retirement with a cookie cutter plan. You know that you get from, you know, maybe you're 41 K company has somebody that they suggest you work through. Maybe they have Little tools and Saudi or 41 K company, you know, all of that is very, very basic information. It's saying, you know, over time. The stock market is 8 to 10%. You can take out 5% of your money and statistically speaking, never amount of money..

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