Jelena, Fitness Trainer discussed on The Chalene Show | Motivation | Leadership | Confidence | Family | Fitness and Life coaching with Chalene Johnson - 261 - How to Become a Morning Person in 10 Simple Steps


We found we come in this episode of the show leaned show i share with you tips to becoming a morning person specifically how to get your but up out of bed when your bed is so comfy cozy and the sheets are so delicious in awe all that chaos awaits you just outside your covers how to become a morning person in 10 simple steps this episode of the showing show walk international angel jelena's of near does bestselling author celebrity fitness trainer obsessed with helping you with your dream life you know it's true the early bird does get the worm you feel better when you wake up early you know you do but how do you get yourself to do it if you're not naturally morning person you know it's funny i know naturally a morning person i don't wake up the same way bright does he's like legit of morning person i'm a nighttime percent if i thought it was healthy for me i would stay up very late that's when i feel the most creative it's when i'm most gauges when i feel the most presents very strange but nonetheless i love waking up really i love waking up really because i love the way makes me feel it's not natural for me to wake up really i don't automatically have high energy and that's why i would record this podcast because it doesn't come naturally for me i thought i would share some of the symbol strategies that i use that have helped me to enjoy getting out of bed early this is really simple stuff all of these steps are things you can do tomorrow morning and start your day with energy number one.

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