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F. o. R. are h. i. M. s. dot com slash time suck e._d. Forums dot com slash time suck e._d. Lincoln is episode description. All sponsor links there leonardo motherfucking davinci timeline rights now on those books soldier where martin down a time james stockton timelines leonardo da vinci was born on april fifteenth fourteen fifty two at the third hour of the night around ten pm in the tuscan hills town of vinci in the lower valley of the river in the territory of florence. His birth was recorded by his paternal attornal grandfather in a journal vince he just outside of florence. Only thirty five kilometers just over twenty miles west of the city of the renaissance. The main attraction of this little fourteen thousand thousand six hundred and fifty person town ish area outer suburb of florence is the leonardo da vinci museum or to say it in italian audion maceo lena dino comfort pains in sticking on the beach by some audio my best not keep slipping into a bad cartoonish italian. A stereotypical accent based only on the mario brothers but it's gonna be hard not to keep doing it. I losing gentleman spaghetti. I was much kickapoo. La la vinci is a sister city of allentown pennsylvania for you time suckers living there just a few kilometers outside the current town is the home where de events you was born. His birth home still stands which is pretty awesome. You can get to walk trail through an olive tree grove to get there. How very italian the home was recently. <hes> reopen to the public after a careful restoration project a lokossa nato deal leonardo davinci was the illegitimate son of macedo piero.

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