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Praise but not quite so visible woman leave public service in city government keep thrives on helping the public in her new role recapping our top story jailed admitted killer Cosmo DiNardo defies a subpoena to testify in his murder trial as the jury hears the Sean cats confession that's all ahead in the next fifteen minutes good morning I'm John obstacle which corner bar con is at the editor's desk with nasty storms rolled through last week crews rescued an elderly couple trip crap when it free crashed on to their home in amber Montgomery County one of the firefighters who helped save their lives spoke to our team in N. as in a story here only on K. Y. W. in my forty years I don't think and other guys are saying the same thing we've never seen a tree I mean completely decimate a house but that's what happened on tennis Avenue in Ambler and but Henckels along time volunteer with the wissick and fire company was right in the thick of it an eighty foot tall trees slamming into a house essentially knocking it off its foundation an eighty one year old Percy Cuban and his wife Frances were trapped when their room collapsed under the first floor the section of tree that had you know Mr Mrs Cupid pen was about a thousand pounds maybe a little bit more Henkel says they stabilize the house and cut their way through the debris to get to the couple he says it took forty five minutes to get Mrs Cupid out she wasn't seriously hurt then another forty five minutes to an hour to get Mr Cupid out ankle says he was badly hurt but his spirits were not broken he was close to say he was a wonderful patient for us he didn't complain at all angle says Mr Cupid is still recovering but hopes to soon meet the firefighters who save their lives Tim Jimenez KYW newsradio the woman in charge of Philadelphia's criminal justice reform effort left city government Friday after twelve years and Irving in two administrations Hey why W. city hall bureau chief Pat Lok reports he leaves behind a landmark achievement Julie worth timers spent her entire career in city government first hired in the budget office at the beginning of the Natter administration when the Great Recession hit and the young newcomer was part of the team that had to salvage the city budget to cushion the impact which was an incredible learning her of an incredible opportunity that mindset that heart problem is an opportunity kind of sums up why so many of worth timers colleagues including her boss managing director Brian Abernathy have relied on her for tough job the ability to keep our partners at the table the ability to facilitate difficult conversations that toughest job she's had is bringing down the city's prison population and in the spirit of a challenge being an opportunity it led to her proudest achievement helping to close the house of correction it was a symbol of a lot of injustice that many Philadelphians suffered a and have it be closed and to know that no one has to work there or the house there is an important step forward for Philadelphia to be more just study with timers headed to the pew trust public safety performance project help cities across the country see that kind of progress her old boss judge Benjamin Lerner says it reminds him of how he and worth timer used to fantasize about winning the lottery so they could start a criminal justice foundation I am so happy that for Julie at least the fantasy has come true your money is lottery level the Q. foundation is probably one of the few places where you have more resources than you would have even if you won the power ball worth timer says it's an opportunity at city hall Pat lobe KYW newsradio president trump is making a re election pitch to black voters in Atlanta the president spoke to a room full of African American supporters slacks for trump black Mr trump pointed to low unemployment rates in minority communities and his criminal justice reform efforts as historic achievements for black voters that is where delivering results for African Americans the hard left Democrats have been busy doing absolutely nothing for you surveys show black voters largely disapprove of Mr trump the latest CBS news poll shows seven in ten think he should be impeached Stephen port no I CBS news the White House O. J. Simpson is suing a Las Vegas hotel casino that banned him who years ago it's OJ Simpson versus the cosmopolitan of Las Vegas he's suing the hotel casino that band of two years ago this month saying employees defamed him by telling TMZ at the time that you've been drunk disruptive and unruly the complaining knowledges that Simpson after several hours with friends at a steak house received a notice from a security guard as they left it prohibited him from returning to the Las Vegas Strip property but he says he was never given a reason Simpson's attorney says the seventy two year old reputation was damaged by hotel staff accounts of the time mac Piper CBS news the gap in preventable deaths between rural and urban Americans has widened over the past eight years Americans who live out in rural areas or die more frequently from things like cancer heart disease in lower chronic respiratory disease that those who live in urban areas according to the CDC's Macarena Garcia she says many of the deaths could have been prevented any of them are behavioral a lot has to do with cigarette smoking obesity and not much leisure time she says rule residents also tend to have higher rates of poverty less access.

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