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Do you think it should be infected you to this group gallup conscripted you to this grew up in imprisoned you to this room because here's the problem here's the other here's the pro here's other problem i have mark zuckerberg when i leave the group knox can keep adding me back to it he can keep ademi back to it until i do what has to unfriendly him and then maybe because i'm so angry at that point and up having to block him so that's what's happening in my life for now i just want these groups to honor the language they years do you want to name names seems like yo you've got you know if they're listening theirself reflecting right now on the treadmill and going she's talking about me right i am not i'm talking about someone probably i'm sure doesn't listen to the show but they knew linked let's all beat make be bitter better people and really my red light is to facebook for just tricking me and the thinking i have a choice in the matter when i really do not sure what your vote markeith loyd is so very wary to tour redlight hackers because i don't understand them and i don't really have anything of value to be hacked but i'm sure they could find something embarrassing so like this this is more of a note right a suggestion yaochi cejka's hackers going to hack and i'm not going to be like holier than now you should do the is the life hacked to hackers sure just like 'have friendly suggestion i don't know like i'm just wishes brainstorm think about this okay so our recently hackers i mean you know hackers they've been doing stuff for a while i think the fifth season of orange is the new black it was hacked and put online super early right so like they've been targeting different attainment i mean we had the sony a couple of years ago right this is not a new thing a few days ago though sogo hackers reportedly released eight honored episodes of steve harvey's new abc show steve harvey's funder dome okay.

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