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So Erin at the start of this off. The Texans traded all pro receiver de'andre Gins to the cardinals. What was the reaction to this trade? I think people were were stunned. Grew up by the car tour boost. You joke a serious. The idea. Train deandre Hopkins while just on its face is an unlikable move and they decided you know you can't afford deandre hopkins which is what. Bill granted said trading. Him is not reasonable. It's what they got back to return. Pretty surprised obviously. David Johnson really hasn't had much of an impact in Arizona in recent memory. And Jerry Hopkins has in Houston. So I think you're Hopkins says quite a few more good years and could justify the big salary extension is going to get it from the cardinals and I have my doubts that David Johnson will have a resurgence in Houston or he is seemingly declining is average. Three point seven yards per carry the past two seasons. I think the reaction nationally right is that Like every GM should call Bill Bryant and see if they can get. Jj Watt for a fifth round. Pick for light that maybe you'll try shots crazy is going to happen like Watson's not GonNa want to sign a contract extension all things but it has created this kind of aura. This idea that you know anything on the tape when it comes to this team because really they are a lot of ways defying the conventional views. Like what is value in this league while and there's also been a lot of talk that this trade went down because of a personality clash between O'Brien and his star receiver. It was a bit of a power struggle there because bill. Brian thought coach. O'brien thought he had too much influence over the locker room. You know he got into talking about the Andre Hopkins. 'cause the Andre Hopkins has a few kids and and from different women. He said he told the Andre doesn't like that. He has his baby mamas around sometimes from that I think the relationship just went bad and thus gender hopkins is on the record with us is saying you know. I had no relationship with bill. O'brien there's a very obvious ill-will between the two guys and I think that that definitely was a driving force and it kind of adds to this narrative again of why people are upset with Bill Bryant personality as much as the trade itself because this is now the second year in a row where he is parted ways with a really talented player and traded for of less than the perceived value. Today cloudy being the other. And so now you basically pennies on the dollar back for this guy who's going to go and instantly when we look at this from Seattle's perspective. It's amazing when a player that Houston might not be sure of. All of a sudden goes to a team like the seahawks. We look at their. Oh yeah this helps them a lot. They'll be one of the favourite and that's another. The contract demands is one thing but it comes to be a question of is the guy not fitting into this team. Culture Bill Ryan is choosing to establish I if so what is that culture really do towards winning the is it actually aiding building a better football team. We've all seen Bill O'Brien's TV personality loved the ninety guys. We have the group of guys the way you come to work but like today Jay Joe. He's busting my balls. 'cause he's looking for juice from me that we're some juice from you guys like how. `Bout you guys bring some juice in fact today you know what I want. I want coaches to just coach individual. And then just shut up and let these guys play. What is he like to deal with? He can't be that kind of gruff person. That you see those moments you know. There's kind of an infamous clip of him after one of their AFC. South Championships were our reporters. Questioned begins by saying wasn't necessarily the prettiest thing. Bill obviously it wasn't the prettiest of games doesn't matter Brian but AFC south champions two years in a row. Brian yet but you guys are back in the doesn't matter what it looked like back in the playoffs looking forward to the playoffs. Exact go ahead. Sorry but he isn't just that sort guy ideal them almost every day during the season and he respects the question. Kind of feels. There was some to do it he can. He can give a thoughtful answer. But I think that that one version of that wants sort of persona that has built up Through those press conference tirades those eight those hard knock moments and then also these traits is all aided in this kind of vision of him. As as this guy who's kind of operating Solo and and Just totally unreasonable. And we'll blow up in anyone and anything that the truth is always somewhere in the middle. Well Bill O'Brien is also on a very short list of NFL head coaches who also hold the title of General Manager. How did he end up in this rare position of power? Before I started covering the team he had kind of reported friction with General Manager. Rick Smith. Who'd been over at the team along time and ultimately Rick Smith wasn't fired he. He stepped away to care for his wife who have breast cancer and and it was supposed to leave of absence but he never retard they brought in another general manager. Brian gain most viewed as a guy signed matching deals that their contracts with run concurrent to one another lesson at a time and Brian game only lasted a season before he was fired. Really big story not only big news but also. They said themselves unusual. Timing a crazy. Timing is what it is and we're we're all baffled we're scratching our heads going. What happened. What happened because for the past year? He's been the general manager for the last year bill. Brian was asked all the time. How's your relationship with Brian Gain? Are Y'all working well together. And they always say yes. We are working well together but apparently not. I'm not saying you know. Ultimately their evaluation was that he wasn't good enough for the job and they pursued Nick Caserio from the Patriots the director of player personnel but the Patriots leveled a tampering. Charge at the Texans and the Texans dropped the pursuit and Bill Ryan was going to take over in the meantime because just the timing of when they fired the general manager and then he's kind of held onto it and then this past offseason. They finally gave him the the actual title. Well let's look for a second at Bill O'Brien the coach. His team has made the playoffs. Four out of six years. He's been in charge but he's also got a reputation for some perplexing in game decisions by step it to the is he has me these kind of perplexing decisions like you mentioned the most reason one and obviously being the fake punt you went for against the chiefs that I kind of seemingly gave the chiefs all the momentum if you just to believe accessible game and then obviously the Texas collapse from their homes with his fourth touchdown pass of the quarter. They have come all the way back from twenty four down and taking the lead in the last minute of the second quarter and butger. It's not easy to win consistently out and everyone say about him. He has done that but I think ultimately what kind of preventing him from being viewed by fans are in Houston and beyond that naturally as one of the really really good coaches that he has not really been made the next step he has a reach the title game. He's not going to receive praise for does taken. The team today see South Championship because he ever legitimate quarterback allowed. You'll think could win a super bowl Shawn Watson and so when you're doing things that are kind of maximizing the window maximizing his chances you're gonNA receive more criticism now. It's all about everything doing around. Him and people are criticizing lot of those other moves. That are happening around to Shawn Watson. And what's Bill O'Brien standing with Shawn Watson and the rest of the team in the Locker Room? I think the most important thing from the locker room is that he still has John Watson support. You might have. But he's no doubt I love that play. Madonna say whatever you want to say you know through other media the writing but quarterback east. Excuse me it's when he was asked about O'Brien after the chiefs loss. Pretty adamantly supported on means shots in the super happy with deandre Hopkins Straight. He was really good friends with Hopkins and they went to Clemson and deschamp tweeting cryptic rap lyrics after after the trade. But I don't think he's. He's losing his quarterback. Necessarily I think deshaun wants to recognize that. He needs to be a useful quarterback to be the right sort of leader for the team. He can't really be bagging on the coach so I think he still has shown a lot support and at the end of day. Fry The most important thing so it's pretty clear that his personality can cause friction with some people around him and he's made a number of moves that have been widely questioned. How secure is bill? O'brien's job I would say very bill. Brian saw has three seasons left on his contract. And he's been the ability to mortgage draft picks trade away stars. Texans are all in right now but you feel like they've really compromise. The future with some of those moves that what. Yeah I definitely do plus. I think it's probably a little rich to pay. Two first round picks on a third round. Pick to the Miami Dolphins for you know for Laremy Tunsil who has potential to be that like franchise left tackle okay. But he hasn't lived up to his top ten pick. Pick billing yet. I get questions fans of you. Know How long until Ryan's GONNA get fired? But the truth is I don't. I don't think it's any time soon. I mean because at the end of the day especially with the expanded playoff field. The Texans are gonNA keep priming making the playoffs. Shawn Watson is their quarterback and stay healthy and that's hard to fire a guy who's GonNa keep making the playoffs and bill. Brian is talking to reporters this series. Es said Kinda you know. He recognizes that. These are heavily criticized. We definitely have to coach better. Midden we didn't do enough to put our guys in good enough physicians to make place. We got it. We definitely have to do a better job coaching. You can tell them kind of his answers that he knows that he has a very high risk right now but he said you know you need years to figure this out or to judge this properly. And that's so but I think that on the other end. How realistic is on Sports? How often do we actually exercise years worth of patients to to judge anyone on? Finally Aaron Does Bill. O'brien have too much power. We'll see in the years to come but right now I would say yeah I mean. He's built a competitive team. He's a good coach and all that but I think at the end today is just never really probably the most productive or efficient way to build a team when you have one guy used simultaneously looking out for the short and long term needs of the team and that's not necessarily so much a knock on him as it is just that it's not really the most functional way of doing things. Well Aaron thank you so much for breaking this doubt becks. You can follow Aaron Racist Coverage of the Houston Texans at the Athletic Dot Com. 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