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To three a._m. Potential landfall carter county here morehead city area atlantic beach beaufort north carolina and then going over the outer banks towards sunrise. When we wake up tomorrow morning it should be somewhere here near cape hatteras for the buxton area and then heading out to see it as far as the biggest impacts go. We have one more high tide cycle to go through. That'll it'll be later on tonight and then of course we're gonna have to watch out with potential that heavy rain flash flooding in these winds even morehead city tonight when that makes landfall possibility winds up to one hundred miles per hour so again if we're gonna have this is going to be in the lower forty eight a big deal. That's going to require people to be without power. We're gonna have storm surge issues. Everything's going to happen in the the next eighteen hours because we're done with this by about noon tomorrow understood and hopefully most of the devastation is over bill karen's as we've come to rely on. You are relying on you throughout throughout. Thank you as always sir appreciate it. Now we mentioned the president's state of mind focused on during as we've said something that's caused americans lives. Does this cost people in the bahamas lives. He's tweeting and defending his false claim that he thought alabama could have been in the storm's path now. He tried to back that up in a number of ways he shared aired map of the storm's potential routes. This is a donald trump tweet but as you see that map was a week old was out of date when trump made his aronie is claim about dorian hitting alabama on sunday a weekend when he said he was focused on monitoring the storm. It also includes a disclaimer. If anything on this graphic causes confusion ignore ignore the entire product all of this after donald trump of course got himself in this mass by doubling down with his blown-up map of the storm's path which included the extra line appear to to be drawn in sharpy by someone someone using a sharpie in the oval office that was designed to try to edit what you see in the way line and say that the black black.

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