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Visit good feet dot com for the location nearest you. Local news time. 9 24 traffic updated every 10 minutes on the floors and from the double a group traffic center once again, Kierra Jordan. We still have this crash in Seattle that's blocking off southbound lanes of Rainier Avenue at Kenyon, so unable to get through their north and I five has been heavy through Tacoma City Center. We are dealing with the backup approaching state route 18 in Seattle, were dragging from the north End of Boeing Field to Seneca. We had an opening of the first everyday Southbridge. That's why we're seeing this pretty decent slowdowns on both North found 99 59 into the area South and I five is still looking at brake lights out of Linwood and then again, bunching up around state Route one Oh, four south around four or five, with some lighter slowing through totem Lake. Thun four or five is happiness between the Valley Freeway and sunset and then starts to break up a little bit more as you're traveling into and through Newcastle. We're going to see some more delays out of fact, Orient into downtown Bellevue or on the brakes. Dortmund 167 from Highway four tenants specific and then some hesitation again and rent and right as you're approaching 405. This traffic report is sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples Connect has everything to help you get ready for back to school with amazing prices for everything on your list. Visit your local staples Store or staples. Connect dot com and be more than ready for school staples our next Cuomo traffic app 9 34. Otherwise looking at a nice stretch of sunshine here, as many of the kids are, of course, back to school, and they're going back to school with an eye on the window so they can get outside for recess. As you're looking.

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