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Radio goes one on one with Elton John to talk about performing live going on stage with us well I could show off and be comfortable and and you know I was always a bit timid off stage and the stage gave me an outlet and you'll find that with many performers with a baby doll says actors singers musicians they have the outlet on stage to become the person then all state and I think that's what eventually led to my troubles with along with the drugs in the drink is that I didn't know I didn't the person who is fast becoming popular as Elton John and becoming you know the number one rock star in the world had kind of a scape from the personal state and the balance was completely off kilter and and the more I became successful the harder I worked on the less time I concentrated on being normal or trying to be kind of normal but the people who knew me privately I was shocked I think of what I was doing offstage rather they knew what I was going to all state all states I was shocked I'm disappointed keep listening to I heart radio for more Elton John and all your favorite artists I heart radio goes one on one with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith to ask what it was like to write is twenty eleven autobiography it took two years it was I went back and researched stuff happened forty years ago that the reference to the right people in place for the time I was done truly lived up to its title isn't always in my body because it's one thing to blow out the candle in order that is another thing to go back and rehash and try to think about what it was all songs forty years ago your job keep listening to I heart radio for more of Aerosmith and all your favorite artists I heart radio goes one on one with Tim McGraw to talk about how where he grew up influenced so many of his songs our group rule communities farming communities hospital a lot of time Friday and Saturday nights as a teenager in order to upgrade of a pickup truck.

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