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There was no rules at that time money's gotten laundered and it's out in the community, and that's why you could easily just get a fake ID and go into any nightclub. Now, there were a ton of nightclubs that would have eight would allow you in at eighteen eighteen to party Twenty-one, right? So you'd have to get banded. And of course it's like a scarlet letter this Dan drink. But yeah, like so, yeah, was probably at some nightclub there one time just because I felt like it's what I should be doing and I was stupid about it right. That's what it was. And then as I got older, my I didn't smoke at all. My dad actually smoked from young age because you know, my dad was born in thirty nine. So he grew up in the fifties where you know, Frank Gifford doing Lucky, Strike commercials. Smoking was like cool back then, but I didn't. I never really smoked, but what happened was then when I was out and I'd have too many drinks, I felt like I needed a cigarette to kind of bring me down or whatever it was, which is stupid. It wouldn't bring me down Gillette nicotine, I guess, calm you down a little bit. But yeah, it was spoken to eighteen if you're listening, it's gross cigarettes. I loved it. It's like smoke free. Well, yeah, that's true. Just cigarettes cigarettes, smoke, whatever. Peyote feel free Alaska, you know? Exactly. So. So Stanford bid game. You said Ben Lyons. A love begins a week to week one. We everybody fired up. We to content kind of be like the hangover weekend. Everybody. This is probably one of the top three games that weekend. Yeah, there's not a ton of great matchups weekend. I mean, you've got that to me is probably the best match up then followed by Georgia, South Carolina there to top twenty five teams. But that's pretty much Arizona state swing, Michigan state clemson's playing texts, but only one of the teams are ranked Tarazona state Michigan state. So yeah, coach Herm Edwards and home. That's fun. Yeah, that'll be. That's the late game. That's seven. Forty, five stars like Saturdays, a little more than Sunday. Sometimes I really am. I've been there for three years. Yeah, I don't know. It's the raw. It's not really having to know the play. All the players are starting Sunday, pays the bills. I get it, but I don't know as you know, Michigan guy. So despite last week I'm still fired up for the season Saturday special man. I like Saturday Saturday's. I mean, demogra- you played. In the league and you played for a big time program at why Friday and Saturday. It was nothing like Saturday. Yeah. Yeah. All of it just feel so much more important. I mean, it's it's college football, so we know what it is, but it's pure. It's not about money. That's what I said. We've college football, we know what it is, but it's still pure. It's not about money. There's less about business. Yes, less about business. Well, said, yes, but yet, like I just I love it. I the mascots I, it's funny like I've started to do over the last couple years. I've done some sidelines on NBA at some boxing stuff. And like someone said to me, would you ever wanted to college football because you love it and like no, I said, because I want to be home to watch all these games. Also, Priscilla will tell you, can he loves this life, but you gotta take one plane. Then another plane into car and drive six hundred miles into a swamp and stay in a Holiday Inn express, and it's just not glamorous as it looks years. I called. Sun belt football. Okay. Wow. And I did those games and look. It was a lot of Louisiana Monroe and lobby soda flavors at sonic, North Texas, right? Like all the mean green of north texture. Now a lot of those teams would play early in the season. They'd played the Alabama's the Florida's or those kind of schools. So I went and call the bunch of those games too. But yeah, like it's not fun. It's not necessarily. It's not fun for freshman quarterback to go up to Stanford in his second game first game on the road and Stanford's wanna think seven of the last eleven match with them..

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