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Sheepshead turkey Tail Bearded hedgehog are these ales? They sound like good names for Ailes. They are They're not okay. Sheepshead turkey Tail. Velvet foot. Would these be cheeses? No, not cheeses, either. Any help Their jewelry makers hedgehog on the cheese board. What? I feared it If it got on the cheese board, it might be in the wrong place. But things that are hard to eat, like awful earth. Like, Well, not. They're not awful. They're not awful. But if you're laughing while you're trying to eat their recognizing that can make it harder for the hedgehog. So he's even have tails. Turkeys. Yeah, they have tails, but it's not typically something somebody orders a plate of bearded head shock, So it's so are these things that are more likely to be in a non entree or a side dish? I guess it depends. What kind of restaurant you go to Are they dairy product? They're they're very much not dairy product. How much more time do they get? We've got an hour to find a protein. There's certainly some protein in there. I'll give you 1/5 1. We'll take help says we're desperate. Well, it's not about desperation. You No, no, this is all about just okay would hear. Oh mushrooms? Yes. Mushrooms? Yes. Seven points. Generously. They're all types of edible mushrooms. I felt some energy from stereo left there. I think Caroline was onto it. Let's check in with our scorekeepers. Barry leads 27 2 24 going into Round two, which is the first of the says You bluffing Rounds played with a little musical help from our friend Tim Ray Paul, each person on your team. Has received a car. One of those cards gives the actual definition of a real but unfamiliar word. The poor souls who received the other two cards will have but a few seconds to make up a definition on the spot, good enough to fool Barry's team. 10 points are up for grabs to Barry if he can spot the truth teller or to you, Paul, if he can't A few moments musically enhanced took him up with a definition for the word. Hi, Idol. H y o I d a L Hi, Idol. Him..

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