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You stand on your head and clamp you'll hands did you can't get the job witnesses to vote pendant pet birds me up big group walk won't vote so that's all i got to say thank you so much on their own down your on there let me just say in the event uh jim montgomery i am greedy tax anchor met bank pending well the desire of hell washington to benefit that neighborhood they didn't potato maplewood now we're building eighty million dollars school uh and grid chang down highest go back to do an anti on stopped him to build uh uh put the money in englewood all right all right now we got you we got your message thank you thank you so much recalling how normal there oh eddie read i'm going to ask you a question about guns after a shooter kill seventeen students and adults in florida president trump is being blessed by senator chuck schumer for his budget proposal that strips millions from the background check system used to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from getting guns the white house budget plan would strip sixteen percent from the national instant criminal background check system cutting its budget from seventy three million to sixty one million how do you feel about that were above berdon llp politics but i don't play democratic and republican politics i played black politics in my position right now use i'm against assault weapons but i have a gun i'm not giving my gun up i use my gun responsibly he was southerly to you i have gone i'm not giving my gun up a use my gun responsibly i psalm against assault weapons right okay now they on from downs you against killing children and babies no matter what you do a one at a time and chicago was seventeen at a time in florida i still understand why politicians won't pass that ban the assault of the ban on assault weapons you don't shoot people would assault wacko in our money yet of that's right now the on well i thank god brother home left young brotherinlaw name yeah thank you so much should can you hear me yeah you are you're out there making quick nama covering gone go quick well as you give me a second of orient okay thank you this let me just say this man you.

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