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Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and technology forward. Let's see what's going on at ten 45 with Dave Preston. Washington commander's visiting Detroit Sonny, what is defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio looking for? We need to get cleaner and be better and more efficient. And continue to do some of the things we did real well, which was I thought we played with great intent. I think throughout the game there was tremendous energy effort, a strong will and I think that showed in the first game. We need to see it week two. Lines are a two and a half point favorite Kansas City was a four point favorite last night they won by three. You know what that means, LA quarterback, Justin Herbert, meanwhile, underwent x-rays on his injured ribs, baseball nationals have lost 5 straight entering this weekend series with Miami Marlins have dropped 5 of 7 7 O 5 game time on 1500 a.m.. The Orioles are four and a half games out of a playoff spot with 20 to play entering tonight's game in Toronto. College football, Virginia tech tangles with wafford and while the terriers are at FCS team that's been outscored 57 to nothing in two games coach Brent pry nose. While for a good program, those guys won that league just a few years ago, two years in a row, they've had some good history there. A lot of playoff runs, conference championships, and now they're a proud program. 11 a.m. kick-off tomorrow, Mark. You had an 11 a.m. kick-off last year at UVA. What time did you get to the stadium? Brutal. 8 o'clock. I 8 o'clock. Okay, now you wonder what do you have? Well, last year kippy and Buffy had a Chardonnay this year the games at two for old dominion so they're having a vignette. Sports

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