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Children suffered cuts and bruises caused by a belt it's six oh two it news radio eight forty WHAS rand Paul is Kentucky's junior senator he's not thrilled with the inconsistencies he's getting from the trump administration on the strike that blew up an Iranian general heard contradictory information we've heard that the from the secretary of state that they don't know where or when but it was imminent the Republican lawmaker calling out secretary of state Mike Pompeii on NBC's meet the press Paul sits on the Senate foreign relations committee and criticize the administration for claiming they didn't have time to come back to Congress and answer questions noting the two thousand two authorization for military force in Iraq also the debate should be held on whether the US should even be there in addition to Afghanistan meanwhile anger is growing against Iran's leadership following last week's unintentional missile launch that brought down a commercial airliner killing over a hundred Iranians in the crash ABC's samadhi a mock he N. is in Taron with how the citizens responded to the government's admission the missile attack after three days of denials the first reaction was on social media people express their anger they decided to hold some visuals it's a started with like quiet visual ceremony and then us like the eternal to me come more like a protest and at the end it was cracked down by the police swing tear gas back in this country there will be some developments today in relations to the Middle East Attorney General William Barr and FBI deputy director David voted char expected to announce what actions the government will take over last month's deadly shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola a number of sources saying more than a dozen Saudi servicemen serving at American military bases will be kicked out of the country the man or not accused of helping the Saudi airforce lieutenant who killed three US servicemen in the Commonwealth the National Weather Service taking a look at storm damage in Madison in Clark County several storms ripped through the state over the weekend flipping over mobile homes uprooting trees and knocking down power lines the National Weather Service is no tornadoes touch down so far only minor injuries have been reported we're gonna go to London now that's where the broil families having a little bit of a tiff prince Harry has that important meeting with the family today the queen ordering Harry to meet with her his father and his brother to discuss his desire to get away from the dysfunctional family Harry's wife Meghan Markle has already exited the country with her son she's hanging out in Canada well this all plays out your next news update is pointing and laughing at the British it comes at six thirty I will Clark news radio eight forty WHAS Kentucky M. as breaking news weather and traffic station well that's not very nice lance you're laughing at the bad at the Brits all the rest of your family I'm having a good looker look thank you let me know that what's the queen now like two hundred eighteen in out our yes she says outlast look look your you're a figure head government can you control your just fighting on most of us have when we have dysfunctional family things they don't play out in the international wires just handle your business no one cares didn't we see that apparently now William Henry L. Herries brother yes apparently his kind of off to his relationship with his brother there seems to be a little tension in the hopes that they can kind of make up at some point I I don't they apparently the queen was just very very shocked and asked for both of them not to go to go into this mode of course let's fill so what are the here's the thing is that let us look back we had the who was the out it was prince pervert last year the one that was hanging out with and routine yeah so we got that little fiasco we've got the the Duke of whatever his you know the the queen's husband the only gourd somebody in a Land Rover you know it's the British royal family got problems there are other ramming people with cars they're hanging out with sex offenders it's and I mean there's there's a lot of problems so I clean Elizabeth prince Charles prince William and prince Harry are all going to attend said meeting as you are right the state today at the queen's Sander Humm estate in Norfolk eastern England so it's not a is so she's trying to lay low she does want to do it in London there Buckingham Palace right trying to hang out of up there at Royals are us correct yeah Megan as you rightly point out staying in Canada she's the Duchess of Sussex in apparently now Meg is looking to get a get a gig with this thing there there's been some talk that yeah there's two entities that need to combine egg or your family in the rash according to multiple reports mega signed a voiceover deal with Disney of for good because it says here in fact the says TMZ dot has shared a video that shows Harry pitching is wise I'm Bella video yet pitching is wise vocal talents to Disney CEO Bob hi Bob Eiger at the London premiere of The Lion King sure she was **** and Bob Eiger just wanted to hang out with the Royals let's just cut to read that yeah all right we got a trying giveaway do we give away money here's got here now do you know are here at the top of the odd couple hours to do are we still giving casually I don't know are we still doing that yeah we're supposed to a we have a chance for people to win a thousand dollars I think if I'm not mistaken six oh a news radio a forty W. as a spirit really right now we don't anyway do it do we have the casket wise guy you know we do okay we need to play that now no way okay thank you very much US six oh a news radio a forty WHAS Kentucky as morning news of meanwhile we we told you you were taught by Lamar the last hour we'll get into that to too much today but it was a sad day for many of us who are Lamar fans Dennis really ravens fans but they got punched in the mouth of the more had a big a really really bad game I hope that this is an while things going to wind up sticking with the Mister Jackson you know because all of a sudden we're starting to hear the rumbling said you know this is going to be bill Kelly light by the course of these go Kelly made to the Superbowl it is a second year but that's a being sad now what could the ravens have done could they have paid more attention to detail maybe go yeah I think horrible has take a little bit of responsibility for not having his team prepared with the best record in the in the the NFL as well so a dental bill still be a sticking point and we have basketball coming our way this week tomorrow it's little taken on Pittsburgh Paul Rogers will have to call after the car's got than their scape from Notre Dame and Penn the last time they played little you remember I gave the cars all that they won our pregame coverage will start at five thirty seven collected by new third newt news radio a forty WHAS and Kentucky's game against South Carolina Wednesday night is a coming up delta Bob at five with a six thirty tip is that correct agile to take your calls after at that particular contest coach cal's a show is tonight at six news radio eight forty WHAS and we were talking about Nancy Pelosi expected to releasing articles of impeachment against the president to the Senate this week what did she have to say as we heard headed into the weekend on the top of will find out more from Michael Bauer from NBC news.

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