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The Detroit Pistons will welcome fans officially for the first time in a long time on March. The 17th. That's when they take on the Raptor and tickets will go on sale tomorrow. A member of the Trump family is responding to speculation about a run for the U. S. Senate. Fox is Kristen Goodwin explains former Trump Campaign senior adviser Laura Trump confirms she's mulling over a North Carolina Senate run in 2022. I certainly am considering it and again, nothing would be a greater honor for me. And to represent the people of my home state former President Trump's daughter in law telling Fox's Sean Hannity she's taking the decision very seriously, according to a poll taken last year, she is a favorite among potential GOP primary candidates to fill Senator Richard Bors vacant seat. Kristen Goodwin Fox News. Your governor Andrew Cuomo. What dresses allegations of sexual harassment against him for the first time today, Governor Cuomo denies those allegations. I never touched anyone inappropriately. I never knew. At the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable. That's New York governor Andrew Cuomo. At least three women have accused the governor of inappropriate behavior and unwanted sexual advances toward them, and the state attorney general's office is investigating. This comes as his policy of keeping covert 19 patients and nursing homes in the early days of the pandemic and undercounting coronavirus deaths is under federal investigation. Foreign sales in February year over year were down 14.1%, hampered by fewer selling days of winter storm, a pandemic and a lack of computer chips forward. Another manufacturers face numerous production disruptions. Industry analysts had expected a relatively strong month. But Cox Automotive reported the estimated sales pace of only 15.7 million. Was well below his forecast. Ford said it sold 3700 all electric Mustang Mach ease. 1/5 of those electric mustangs were sold in California, where electric cars are widely accepted. Employees have stilettos will be getting about $8100. And they're profit sharing checks this year before Texas the bonuses 10% bigger than a year ago due to a regulation of the profit sharing formula made during the last labor talks. General Motors employees got the biggest checks around $9000 Ford, the smallest around 3600. That's 45% less than last year. General Motors is closing three plants just temporarily due to continuing shortage of computer chips. GM is shuttering plants in Kansas, Ontario. In Mexico. Chipmakers hit hard by the cove in We're closed for around two months. General Motors says it plans to recover lost production output as soon as it can, however, is to Lotte says the chip shortage could linger. Well into the second half of the year. A couple of ex cons have been posing his cops wind up, police say two suspicious men were spotted outside the CBS on North line and then tried to flee, Chief Archie Hamilton said. When they were pulled over. They have handcuffs They.

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