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You get your March madness brackets spilled out to day games. Get underway right around lunchtime. Also. So on the show, we had an Email, and that, hey, we we're having a baby we're down to three names for a boy and three names for girl. And so they gave us the three options will Machel's on the phone, by the way in Michelle is going to be the mom of this show. Hi, everyone. Did you know that your boyfriend was sending us that Email saying, hey, pick our kids name? Yes. I knew he was sending the Email. But he told me last week that he never heard anything back. So we had no idea that you were actually going to do it. And I just got to the on my way to an appointment this morning and heard it. So you hear this, and we picked the name in the guy we pick what Skywalker. The boys got Walker. And the girl was reminding. Now, you gave us those options. You guys must really be in a science fiction, right? More so than boy. Oh boy. Verts? To top our laugh son's name because everybody absolutely loved our last son's name, which is Killian Luke and his name was actually take from the TV for once upon a time. I don't know any of you have ever seen that but catching hook in the TV show. His real name was Killian. I didn't know that. So. All we have the list. The names we talk through it. And we did pick Skywalker for the boy hedge feel about that. We love that name and for us because we thought you weren't going to lead already talked about finalising Skywalker at home because guy Walker actually has a lot of symbolism for us. Roberts. First, son. His first name is anikin, which is Darth Vader's. Before he turned to the dark side. Wow. Wow. Wow. Okay. So if it's a boy the show pick Skywalker. And if it's a girl of the three names, we voted on her mind from Harry Potter. How do you feel about that? Her mind, you I was so so on my take was Laura Laura to a lower have you ever seen the movie, willow can't convince us we've already decided don't try to shift us Michelle you said we can pick and we picked her mind cause you get up Shen. I know I know I know and I'm going to stick with it. So that just solve the mystery allure is actually a baby that willow is traveling with in that movie. I don't care. It's beautiful. I tr- about her mining in the name of your baby because we voted on that maybe you could do like her mind..

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