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Now he is Mike Carroll who's part of the pro staff with army bass anglers it got there Santonio boat now door expo coming up here March twenty seventh at Freeman Coliseum Mike welcome to the show thank you Russ I appreciate it now I know it's much more than you hear us into any boat now door expo you think it's a cool way to come out and and see both sees a new technology things but it is it's so much more than that I want to give you the opportunity to explain you know what army bass anglers is really all about right I appreciate rusty are regressing or as we've been around for unit number years now we've got to eighteen pro staff members and they were also we've got military members throughout the world forty eight states and what we do is we're basically you know really good avid anglers and outdoorsmen that were allowed to to promote our nonprofits for instance folds of honor working I connection returning heroes home and were able to to provide funding for those different organizations throughout the country nice nice and so you you you find those things because because all of you that anybody can get into this organization right that is correct so you're either active duty military retired military veteran and you know cost about forty two dollars ninety nine cents a year to join an organization you get far more back in that with regards to product whether your heart when you fish but what what I always try to tell people that join the organization is like anything you're gonna get more out of it the more you put into it so for instance an attorney about shows coming up here in March we've got a three thousand gallon fish tank that that will allow the kids and really anybody if you want to come out and face you know you do a five dollar donation that provide that to us hundred percent that goes back to for instance returning heroes home folds of honor things that nature so the when you watch these kids faces we just finished three weeks at the San Antonio rodeo as a matter of fact and it's three thousand gallons what I say fun in the sun so you've got you know for five hundred catfish in there we just had a seventy two year old gentleman that came to the the senator rodeo rodeo I never caught a fish is life and the joy on his face was absolutely priceless that leads me I have I have I used to go fishing when I was younger with my dad never caught a faint right ever I guess I need to go out there and then check this out there man I don't know Roger that you do and she we we may be able to give you to rise and you catch Tuesday's but maybe not for lost time that's right that's right but it but it is a lot of fun and and other things of Senatobia BOCES gonna have is you know if you were born after I think it's September first nineteen ninety three don't quote me on that but I believe it's is September first nineteen ninety three you're required to take a boater education safety course so they're gonna have that course here so if you S. if you're planning on you know getting out on the water Hey go there and take the course and then while you're there come see us there's going to be you know just a myriad of different exhibitors there if you're into you know jet skis or and to fishing boats pleasure boats you know camping RV's whatever you want you can go there and and it's just good family fun yeah that's good you know I you know you hear dear boat show you think that's all it is but the RV's and things I looked into that stuff awhile back decide it wasn't the right time for me but man getting outdoors and doing that stuff is is is a lot of fun that's a really cool way to kind of see that and talk to a lot of different people and one kind of space again it's going to March twenty seven the Freeman Coliseum here I want to talk a little bit about you know because I know for you guys you talk about you know put into it getting out of it some of these organizations that you guys have donated to and because because you're a veteran right I and you know some of these organizations that you donated to that really make a difference for our vets they do and so for us as you know I'm retired military retired Air Force and and when you see army bass anglers a lot of times people think oh well I've got to be in the army in order to to join the organization that's not true we got army bass anglers airforce bass anglers navy marine bass anglers we actually let marines joint so but as you can probably tell we we read a lot of the services and and yes I would I would imagine the navy are the best fishermen's that true or no no no but but a lot of time in the water I was just assume I don't know I mean they they do but you know its they they they can drive a boat most time but that was but they're all my babies we're gonna get letters on them right there they're gonna kill me on that but no I will I will tell you and I'll tell you at the end of that you know we joke and then I'll the Air Force we get hammered all the time because you know we're kind of the you know considered the the soft part of the military I guess you're the better straighter park but at the end of the day it takes everyone of our services in order to make this country run and and if you've not thank a veteran or if you've not seen what these veterans go through I will tell you it is amazing we've got veterans that have lost their limbs that are part of the organization we've got every walk of life P. T. S. D. N. you know for instance several years ago I took a veteran out fission who'd been through six IED attacks six and he lost a short term memory I introduced myself to say a Mike or Laurie bass singers he said great I'm so and so and what was your name again and I take it really makes you realize what these guys go through those are the real heroes in my eyes you know I retired Air Force that's great but when you see these guys that have actually been in a fight they've been injured or they've got some type of disability those are the ones that you really want to walk up to shake their and give him a hug but I but I tell people it takes all of our services in order to make this country run and no matter what service you're in it is vital because the end of the day part of our structure support defend and fish and the support side of it is in the military we all out battle buddies so if I'm not able to go fish from my uncle to support a particular function my battle buddy steps and for me the defense portion of it we still got active duty military that are out there defending our country they're part of our organization and then support and defend our skews me the the fish in the hot part of it is you know I tell people just avid anglers and and fishermen that really are able to to push our important mission of supporting these non profits and you know I give you an example where can I. connection provides military dogs to support veterans and we provide financing to that organization to provide dog food for these dogs when you come in you you give us a five dollar donation for the fish tank what we do is we turn that off around and we get a hundred percent of those donations back to one of our nonprofits like folds of honor and and I hate to get around but last year for example and we do this we have a coming up in April as well we do a pager sporting challenge where we bring gold star families and in the end for the listeners are familiar with gold star families these are kids that have lost their mom or dad either through a war killed in action or they passed on active duty we bring those kids out and we give them the opportunity to play golf we take a vision we teach them how to shoot a gun we teach about a shoot a bow and arrow whatever they're comfortable with but we give them that opportunity to get outside enjoy the outdoors and really kinda get back to a little bit of normalcy in their lives after Losin you know such a an important figure in their life that's great if there's somebody listening who's like man this this would be really cool man they didn't know about the organization or maybe you know maybe there's somebody listening who knows that their family member maybe needs that out reach that connection.

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