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Literally people say that watch sound like I'm watching. Although it is close to you have to walk around with a bucket. It's just a case the trailer that goes on. Kathleen. Capital is a Caitlin Caitlin Sacramento high. Caitlyn? Hi, I can't remember his name. But I just wanted to say Andrew. The guy who just called. So I just wanted to say that. Pushing through you can get through it. I just wanted to say really, really quick prayer. So work out. I just pray for him right now where she says, I pray that your spiritual comfort him cod. And I pay that you'll see who through this and that he'll do a call back, and we'll all be able to celebrate. And just see how far he's come. And I pray that you'll just truckloads close to his family annual strengthen his kids and his ex wife in God. I just think you for your divine intervention divine love to see his family through this difficult time in my name of Jesus. Amen for letting me do this. Caitlyn? Of course, anytime anytime that's beautiful and anyone else who believes please pray for them span. And they we're all like a big radio family on this show. And so I know there's a lot of people listening who are concerned and would offer help anytime and prayers and Caitlyn that was very very kind of you. Thank you. You too happy new year to you. Herb Keller moved to Texas in nineteen sixty two with plans for a career in law. Instead. Legal battles. On behalf of an upstart airline propelled him to the top the top of the industry. As he leads Southwest Airlines in its fight to remake the air travel now with low fares, and this fun loving attitude, which they really do have this really fun.

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