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Bill curtis lanes down the wall for all those news anchored rugby's listening as a reminder we have a nose sacks rule last with the crime boss on the nobody who is coming off right now his hours lo from and p r news in washington i'm barber phone and jordan before police officers and the canadian torres star dead in the series of attacks in and around the central town of cow rack the bbc's sebastian usher reports security sources say the gunman open fire on several police targeting turlock amongst those killed was also a by stanton a canadian tourist special forces are now hunting for the attackers summer a portion of taken refuge in the ancient caso to which the city of kirk is known jordan a suffered several attacks by militants over the past year the still largely scenes registered be safe compared to its neighbours but radical islam has been on the rise prompted partly by jordan's involvement in the air kind pain against islamic state fighters in syria the bbc's sebastian usher in this area new agreement to a back you wake the last rebel held and clave of a let bowens again on hold the deal also calls for the safe evacuated of to other towns under rebel seat but some of the buses heading to them of come under attack and that threatens to undermine the entire deal leaving thousands without food or shelter meanwhile in a toe secretary general yemen stoneberg says any coalition.

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