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Jamie Flanagan says. That's because ground has officially been broken on upgrades. Toe Anderson Mill Road is going to get the bikes, pedestrians off the road. And create a center turn lane because the other problem with Anderson Mill Road Car accidents. The $8 million project also includes signal work, raise medians and an extension of a right turn lane under 1 83 The work will stretch between Spicewood Parkway in 1 83 and take roughly a year and 1/2 to complete. Austin Police are on the hunt for 1/4 suspect in the shooting death of East Austin Ice cream vendor Claudio Bernabei. Furious, officials say Three men are in the driver's county jail right now charged with capital murder, but believe the getaway driver is still On the loose. The Greater Austin Crime Commission continues fighting against proposed cuts to police funding and manpower executive director Terry Roberts says Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and cutting manpower at a time when murders have spiked by 65% won't make anyone safer. LBJ News Time is have a look at Austin's on Time Traffic with Melinda Brand. Nothing. Conditions. 35. Both directions through the downtown area, 35 both directions through Round rock and 35 South bound from William Cannon to Eltham, 13 27. We also have reports of collisions out run Berg and Lamarr as well as be caves Road. It washed Charlton. I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic. Clear to partly cloudy tonight Low 71 Wednesday Sunny High 99 for Thursday sunny high 98 from the Weather Center. I'm Andy Rob. It's 98 degrees and I'm John Cooley Get Austin News on demand. A news radio k LBJ dot com Summer's not here long so sees the sizzle with WalMart Find all your faves such as Oscar Meyer.

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