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Pool tables it's just a fun place to hang out all eyes on oakland today with the american debut of angels feed on shohei ohtani he's the pitcher who can also hit pretty well or the hitter who throws a premium fastball your call live in oakland tim ryan kcbs thank you tim federal ice agents apparently continuing to try to get into santa clara county jails after they were mistakenly allowed entry twice earlier this month this is the latest controversy around sanctuary city laws kcbs reported mike cogan with the latest a two bowls racing attempts occurred just yesterday morning sergeant reggie cooks with santa clara county sheriff's department they tried to enter in both facilities what they did was they came of relatively early in the morning during business hours to try and get into main jail and then there was another attempt made to get into elmwood which is in milpitas our minimum calf acidity all five recent attempts were unsuccessful county supervisor dave cortez he said it's clear that santa clara county is being targeted they do everything by virtue of command and control and command and control it's telling them right now go see how many people you can harass the santa clara county but i said preventing its agents from a russian criminal aliens and local jails is nonsensical why colgan kcbs it will be a day of mourning and most likely another day of protest in sacramento kcbs reporter doug sovereign will be there as the unarmed black man shot to death by police eleven days ago is laid to rest the shooting of twenty two year old stefan clark has convulsed sacramento and triggered protests across the country as they were chasing clark suspecting he was breaking car windows to sacramento cops thought he aimed a gun at them but he had no gun it was just his cell phone they fired twenty times killing the father of two toddlers in his grandmother's backyard berry axiom is with voice of the youth excessive force was used by the police against this young man can we say his name nine o'clock lurks funeral is at bayside boss church reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy and it's open to the public sacramento mayor darrell steinberg knows more protests are certain to follow we have a moment in time to lead towards real change and that's exactly what we intend to do doug sovereign kcbs while the.

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