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The pentagon holds a briefing today amid many lingering questions about the president's plan to have soldiers helped with border security fox's rachel sutherland live in washington it's unclear at this point how many national guard soldiers would be called up to go to the border but we do know it will take them weeks to get their homeland security secretary kerstin nielsen says the administration is talking with governors in border states put out to tweets were so a senior defense official says the plan is a work in progress says national guard looks for available units and equipment and gets ready to approach state governors for permission lisa thanks rachel the president meantime on his way to west virginia for tax reform roundtable while wall street rallies right now the dow's up to eighty four overcoming the latest fear of a trade war with china for now epa chief scott pruitt remains under scrutiny over ethics concerns jeopardy white house spokesman hogan gidley and you know we we believe that some of these questions need to be answered one issue pruitt's fifty dollar an ideal to rent a room in a lobbyist home when staying in washington and internal epa reviews said that does not amount to prohibited gift a tour bus crashes on the way to the masters fox's evan brown has this live at least a dozen people on the bus driving from atlanta to augusta georgia are injured on the driver is under arrest for being intoxicated after the bus flipped onto its side on interstate twenty this morning police say the driver stephen hopping brower ran off the road and then over corrected causing the bus to turn over the passengers injuries are said to be not severe but many are being treated at area hospitals lisa as for the golf ebben australian mark leash mun is the early leader at the masters tiger woods four strokes back at his first masters in.

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