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Five years off the beverly McGowan's murder a Florida detective named Raina Crowning shoot was assigned to the case. Shea continued to look into the passage manifest alongside Nora Fafa an investigate off by the state's attorney. Nora had been involved in the case for years and remained demotivated to say it solved. In January, nineteen, ninety, six, the women received a name from the US Department that they had identified as significant. Sylvia and Hodgkinson was a British citizen who occupied sade eighteen say on flight to nine to two. Possible, Fed, I showed an adult woman with dark hair and eyebrows. Her Birthday was listed as July twenty, two, nineteen, sixty, four. Sylvia's origins with Trist to Lewisham a Berar in southeast. London. Her Beginnings were humble and she had received very little education. She later married a dairy worker, but hey, passed away in nineteen eighty five. Sylvia then lived in a shelter for women experiencing homelessness. Less than a year after her husband's death, a passport was issued in her name. Investigators suspected that someone else applied for the passport after stealing Suva's identity. As they were unable to fund Sylvia's current whereabouts. That she had been killed as well. The State Department determined that the alias Sylvia Hodgkinson was associated with two other names, Charlotte Ri- Cowan, and Elaine. Antoinette parent. The three identities would taught together following an incident that occurred almost one year after beverly McGowan's murder. On Wednesday may twenty two, nineteen, ninety-one, police north. Have purged a woman in a rental The vehicle had been laced more than six months earlier in Los Angeles California. It was flagged as the Ju- for return and was fixed with a stolen. Lawson's play to conceal its origins. The Qasr female lucky pen was a toll redhead. Shia defied herself as Charlotte Rae Cowan. Shade provided offices with official. To verify her identity. It was clear Charlotte had been sleeping in the car with her two dogs. There was several weeks in her possession as well as a Dari. She also carried multiple lie descartes's. Displayed her photograph but featured the names, syllabi a Hodgkinson and Elaine parent. Police took Charlotte into custody on the charge of failing to return a leased vehicle. She was held I've annoyed and posted bail the following day. A court session was a hell on the Madda. One of the arresting officers was in attendance. When it came time the Charlotte County one to face the judge a woman stood. She had short strike red hair and was aged in her thirties when. The arresting officer was stunned. The woman answering the summons was not the same person he had taken into custody. Hey immediately informed the judge. Charlotte was confused. She had received the summons to appear in court that day but was not responsible for the crime at alleged she had committed. Charlotte off to the police, Alpha? PSI If the person he had originally arrested for the fence was a toll redhead. When he replied yes she said she knew.

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