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I was in high school, I started the batting blows my dad. My Dad would body. One pair goes like that. Can we afford fares dying here? I hate. It was so sweaty I. Tighten Titan as they would go. Cut off my circulation, so that's how that started. And then I was so tight my my hands. I had to stretch them all the time, and then when I got into pro ball, my hip was bothered me so I. Start Popping my him. And then I started raking a little bit like double double home run like I got to keep doing this working. It's working I gotta keep. I first inning Giancarlo Cruise, Michael. Stanton took a ball out of the DC area into Baltimore. He stunk for the Yankees is what everybody says, but they're thinking because of the quarantine that there's no fans. There's no real media. He's got a chance to clear his head from the viciousness of New York City and being a Yankee in this could be like great for him. If the first night you hit a ball into fucking orbit when the entire world is watching, that has to be a massive confidence boost going into the sixty eight season. Especially officers to I mean certainly Hong One and hit four sixty in the gap that was. That was that was covered, but don't forget a couple years ago. When Stanton won the MVP, you know I don't know how many homers hit. I think it was in like a ninety game period hit forty seven homers. So this guy has been one of the best players in the game didn't start off great from that first couple of days in New York, but this guy's powerhouse now he said in, but that if that's anything of what's the next two months pretty impressive. John. What I know you're probably you didn't have many slumps during your career. You probably enter your career fourteen thousand hits. It seemed like. Did you ever do anything weird like we always talk about baseball, the superstitious and all the weird stuff that goes on like what did you do to break out of a slump? Oh my gosh. Aj a lot of weird stuff. Doing baseball players weird pros. Just they just like putting on socks same what I remember one time when I was in. I was in Detroit and and I was raking I for some reason I was I was like three hints through two three four. And was like I had this undershirt. I was like I can't wash his shirt. Oh, it and it started get. It started smelling hot garbage like in July. Oh my gosh. So like the the seventh game I wore. We're in Minnesota just a more. No gets to knock. The righty comes the first survey case Mike. Hey what's up morning? He's like he's like. Is that you. What he's like. You smell terrible. I'm like. Oh my go- rose just starting to smell.

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