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As your chanting escalates in volume the Guardian as the priests on the altar between the flickering red candles you watch the mistress carefully removes the priests garment then taking a flask filled with oil she pours it over his naked body anointing him when she's finished, she removes his blindfold. Now you and your fellow initiate step forward and chant the Diab loose again moving counterclockwise around the circle of stones you watch as the priests is shot and his breaths become slow and deep. As you continue walking around the circle, the mistress and the priestess, each removed their robes. Then the priestess begins performing oral sex on the priest when she finishes the Guardian List the priest and places him on his knees in front of the priestess. At the same time, the master kneels before the mistress. Then, the master and priests speak in tandem saying I, put my kisses at your feet and kneel before you who crushes your enemies. The mistress and the Priestess respond kiss me and I shall make you as an eagle to its prey touch me and I shall make you as a strong sword that severs stains my earth with blood. Moved by the power of the moment you and the rest of the congregation continued to circulate and chant all the While you watch as the priest, the priestess, the master, and the mistress begin having sex in front of the altar. With the ritual act is over the guarding approaches the priest and carefully places a hood over his head. Then he binds priests, ankles and wrists and lays on the altar once again. Though you're chanting and walking caught up in the moment you watch as the master takes the sacred knife then he waits for a signal from the mistress. When she gives it, you stare unflinching as the master presses the blade into the priests neck and slice it open with a swift practiced movement killing him. As the blood runs over the altar, her the master catches some of it. In the Empty Chalice, you know that he will save the priest blood for use in the sacred wheat cakes that the congregation will eat at the next new moon. For now you and the rest of the members gather in front of the altar watching as the Guardian drags the priest's body away. In his absence, the mistress picks up the sacred knife and pointed at the master saying so you have sown and from your seating gifts may come over. He the words I speak. Then she dips the end of the knife in the chalice and taps it against each congregants forehead. When the Blade touches your head, you feel the smear of the prese warm blood against your skin. After the anointing the mistress speaks again. I know you and all the thoughts within your hearts yet not one of you is as hateful or as loving as I with a glance, I can strike you dead. Then again, she goes to each member of the congregation and his them on the lips but this time she also removes their robes stripping them naked after she takes off your clothes she offers you the second chalice full of red wine. You feel a surge go through your body during the ritual slaying she channeled her deeply honed skill of sinister empathy. This allowed her to summon the dark goddess, and now by giving you the wine she is signifying that she is chosen you to be the vessel that will carry bathroom at spirit. You are honored to be the Chosen One. You take a sip of the wine and then hand it back to the mistress. She passes it around to each of the other members after one final invocation you and the mistress consummate the ceremony by having sex. When you finish the Guardian passes more wind around, and then finally the ceremony ends with an alcohol and marijuana. Ritual Orgy. Smaller chapters of the order of nine angles are said to have performed truncated version of this ceremony. Those abridged rituals didn't include a human sacrifice however according to Owen a documents the larger chapters ritualistically kill one of their willing members. Fortunately, this gruesome ceremony was only performed. Once every seventeen years, its purpose was to summon the power bath met with her might the believed could create chaos in the real world and even spark wars. The ceremony of recalling had one more disturbing feature. If an NA chapter after failed to find a member who was willing to be ritualistically sacrificed, they were encouraged to find an unwilling person from the general public to kill this sinister practice was called calling. Coming up, we'll explore this dark and disturbing tradition. This episode is brought to you by go daddy. As we reopen. 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The order of nine angles followed a theology that broke the world into two distinct planes, the causal realm of ordinary experience and the a causal realm of dark supernatural for says. The goal of the Owen, a was to harness the power of the a causal realm so that they could affect change in the real world. The Way to achieve that objective was to follow the sevenfold sinister way which included practicing acts of violence, endurance and ritual sacrifice. Beginning at the stage of external adept practitioners of Owen, a had to learn the art of sacrificial murder to that end they were tasked with choosing victims called offers from among the general population. In a treatise titled Concerning calling as an Art David Miot in his guys Anton Long wrote some humans by nature by character are rotten worthless and when this rotten character is revealed by their deeds, it is beneficial to remove them.

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