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And it was over the summer and i saw big brother and maybe it was the drugs i don't know wake what was going on i remember things like oh my gosh i'm really into this show and now is how he discovered big brother super high on vicodin or morphine or whatever it was that i was on uh and now is when i first discovered essentially reality television and so another funny story so i remember it so supposed to go to nationals i couldn't obviously because i was in the hospital and my speech coach called me on the phone and again super high on drugs i remember him telling me it's okay liana your rockstar you're a superstar and i just like super highs i beg mr robinson superstar and i remember crying and oh my goodness it was a disaster but anyway so after i got out of hospital i was essentially bedridden for at least a week because they ended up being the surgery labrousse catholic leaders were they make two small incisions and then slight inflate you like tools enter to do the surgery but because it's not that i like my appendix had perforated like it had burst open so they had to actually remove it um so my surgery was relatively severe and i played a lot of rock band because a friend had loaned me his xbox 360 i did that and i watched a lot of television and this was my late angels coming from the heavens kind of like.

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