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This weekend at the seventy third annual Tony awards on Sunday. So today, we'll hear from someone who makes those Broadway shows come to life Dane, laugher designed sets and costumes, for the theatre including the set for the latest revival of Christopher Shinn's play dying city, which is playing now at the Tony Kaiser theater in New York City as it turns out, making theater involves a bit of economics. Here's his story. I am day Lafayette. I'm set and costume designer for theatre. Basically, the designer is responsible for everything that you book at in the feeder. So any physical object is onstage. There's something that I am responsible for the best design really does go from the macro to the super granular. So you really like have a lot of conversations about like the right coffee Cup. Should we look at ten other coffee cups, probably to, like, where are we what is this world one, or we wanted the audience to think when they walk in the space, sex are like other characters, you know what differentiates set design from, like architecture, is that we are not always dealing in the real in the concrete? We also get to deal in fantastical the magical the surreal. Obviously, like budget is it's always a factor. I have certainly worked on shows that have like twelve hundred dollar.

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