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Five years ahead so we can't just manage our product managers on the top line revenue because that's out of mostly out of our control but there's a lot of better subtle symptoms or or signals that as product leaders. We want to recognize. We wanna reward. We wanna push our folks ahead. You know maybe they graduate and they don't work for me anymore but they get to do something even better and and that makes me feel great. It's like being a parent you know. I want my kid to play the violin carnegie hall it means i drive my kid to a lot of music lessons and i stand in the back of the hall and i applaud but nobody cares that i'm there they care about who's onstage. Now i love that. Now how do you go about building. That cross functional trust and psychological safety if you No magic here We try not to lie to people we try not to throw them under the bus. Or tram or whatever. Your transport is I think it's our obligation to deal as straightforward as we can with everybody. I think it's important Every day every hour somebody comes to every product manager with a really really good idea. I'm sure it's happened to you right now. Most ideas are not actually very good ideas. But it's important that we separate the person from the idea instead of you know chewing them out and telling them they're stupid right. We wanna thank them for the effort they put in to come to us and bring us this and then of course tell them. We're going to put that idea in the backlog where it belongs in position. Nine hundred fifty and it's never gonna see the light of day but I never wanna be talking anybody down. I never wanna be accusing anybody of things unless it's really true We wanna lean across the island help where we can and i think we as product managers. Because we're very cross functional. We have the opportunity to explain to lots of other departments why departments. They're not happy with actually doing okay. i've never met a sales team. That done engineering was working. Hard enough. right and sales always thinks that the engineers are sitting around eating bon-bons right playing video games right. It's never the case. Just as i know that the engineering team thinks often pretty badly of sales right that engineers think that sales means carrying priceless into a meeting turning it around having the customer sign it and fill out a purchase order right sales as a lot harder than that so part of our job i think building bridges is to build understanding to build appreciation across the other functions because when the companies will we succeed and we'll have companies not doing well. We fail no matter what right so so again. There's this generosity of spirit. There's this understanding of cross functional behavior. You know why do marketing people worked at behave that way. Well it's because they're marketing people and that's how we pay select them so you know. A lot of this is re explaining endlessly. Why the product matters re explaining endlessly. Why customers want it and how it's going to help them and then making sure we as a company love our customers care..

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