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There's that greater stability. It's still at a very early stage. And Hamilton Lewis and George Russell as well, to an extent. But Hamilton was probably more vocal of the two about it. Probably didn't find it the easiest car to drive around Monaco. And part of that, I think, is just having all of these new components and you're not really able to tune them in properly. You kind of have to run what you brung, really. And when we get to Barcelona, particularly next weekend, because it's such a it's a circuit that everybody knows well. It is somewhere that is a much more traditional Formula One circuit. There's going to be lots of opportunities in practice and things like that to actually try things out. In practice in Monaco, it's all about trying not to put it in the wall and find confidence for a qualifying lap. And race runs are pretty secondary to that. So I think it's an encouraging start, for sure, with all of these updates. As you say, the side pods are the big ticket item there. But there are changes elsewhere down the car. As I say, with suspension, a little bit of floor and that sort of thing, just because these new parts need to complement each other and sticking new side pods onto a car on its own isn't necessarily going to do a whole lot. It might hinder you more than anything else. Well, let's have a look at who else was a hero today and who was more of a zero. Well, look, I mean, I want to say amazing Fernando Alonso, obviously third, second place on the group. Say amazing for Esteban Ocon in that Alpine and Gastly as well. You know, Alpine senior management there have been very unhappy with how the season's gone so far, piling pressure on the team. But that's a that's a brilliant, brilliant result today. Not great for Lance Stroll in the second, Aston Martin down in 14th. Pretty bad for Haas in their 150th race, wasn't it? Yes, this weekend in 17th and 18th for Magnussen and Hulkenberg. That's pretty forgettable. Bottas doing all right in 15th and Joe down in 19th. Of course, Perez, like I say, in last place with a lot of work to do. I mean, plenty of so I've not looked at the kind of results, the news of that. And if you've heard anything, but that's, you know, two two sides of the car to rebuild or two corners to rebuild and maybe a gearbox and floor even look like it took a whack as well. So that's a big old job tonight and tomorrow for the engineers. Yeah, I think that's pretty much pretty much sums up where we are. Who haven't we mentioned? De Vries in the second AlphaTauri, great for Sonoda, Nick De Vries down in 12th. I think you should be pretty happy with that. What they can do on Sunday afternoon, though. Well, it's Monaco, so it's going to be a bit of a procession. But we know there's going to be safety cars, virtual safety cars, maybe a red flag. How's the weather? I've not looked at that. What's it look pretty nice today on the tele coverage? Is it going to be the same again? Or could that throw a curve ball? And have you looked at the forecast in where we are at the moment? It reckons around race time of about three o 'clock. Eighty percent chance of rain, whether that's reliable or not. That is what we'll find out tomorrow. For sure, we're going to have to look out the window and see. But even if it's wet or dry, we've got a lot of cars kind of. Maybe you'd consider them out of position. A lot of different cars in different places. Keep your fingers crossed. Keep your toes crossed and hopefully we'll have a classic. Yeah, I think that's probably going to be Fernando Alonso's strategy tomorrow. That if he is clearly a second going into the first corner, just to follow Max Verstappen and look after the car, look after the tyres and then wait and see. Maybe Max will pit first and Alonso can put in a few stunning laps. I don't think that's going to happen. I think Max is going to try and have it all covered off. But, you know, people can pit at a certain time and then somebody just hits randomly the wall and it throws it all up in the air. I can't wait to see. Thank you so much for joining us on the podcast today. Of course, tune in on Sunday for our big old Monaco review sometime on Sunday night, Monday. Look out for our Indy 500 review with our man Charles Bradley and Mandy Curry, who are both at the event. I can't wait to talk to them about the Indy 500. If you're watching both events tomorrow, what a treat for motorsport fans tomorrow. Thanks for listening and we'll see you on the next one. Sports social podcast network.

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