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Yesterday, telling you that Naomi Campbell's married billionaire ex-boyfriend Vlad. Only stories like this told on this. Married. Billionaire ex-boyfriend glad all right. They're not together anymore. He broke up with her. And I told you yesterday that he's getting cozy with Asian twenty five year old model Lou. There. They are getting cozy. Anyway, that was Lou contestant modeling show called the face. Watching yesterday. Again, what I was telling you the faith so Naomi was her mentor for everything not just modeling speaking, you know, model wanna see a picture of mentoring. Do we have the mentoring picture on the couch? They mentor and then goes back back. By getting her, man. I mean, you know, that very messy anyway, the Daily Mail is alleging now. Karma. The b word that allegedly Lou has been fired from her modeling agency. Called mixed model management. See my thing is that Naomi and the billionaire already broken up. So technically speaking he was vailable, but you never poach on somebody else's like you don't do that. So anyway, the president the agency said that contract. Terminated not from a phone call. From naomi. He's not intimating. And I don't know that there's any paperwork that says that they only made a phone call. However, you can think what you want is The most. most sought after supermodel in on the planet. So you figure one phone call, and it could be over. But we don't know that. That's what happened owner of agency said that Lou has ongoing unprofessional conduct unacceptable work ethics. I don't know. Naomi? I know what I would have on. Anyway, mayo me hasn't directly commented about and Blad hooking up. However, she did send a tweet. Read between the lines because they read just just she says. The moment person loses appreciation for the goodness. Others have done for them is the moment they begin their fall blessed day. What you think that angry tweet from they only would be angry as she is when she hits people like. Ratchet. Maybe she's working angry anger management because that was very subtle read bury effective and very calm..

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