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MTC the new Nautilus and the iconic navigator Lincoln wishlist event because wishes really do come true. A your Lincoln dealer? Shanghai is limiting its rapidly expanding population by only allowing or attempting to allow another million or so people as it seeks to cap its population at twenty five million. What does that have to do with the population of earth? It's hyper density, that is hurting so many parts of our planet putting generations or eons lasting strain on resources surpassing the ability of the planet to heal itself in time to accommodate more people, but there really is enough room for all of the people that we have and many many more. But it's the density that gives us so many problems not the raw number of people in China are pretty effective at planning if they mental in people's lives, they'd be better to offer massive incentives for entrepreneurs and less stress parts of that vast nation. Same for us. There's enough room for everybody. If we just be allowed. To spread our wings a bit. There's more than enough room for all of us. Don't believe the prince of Wales or his son. Welcome back. Now, here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free from the men on a mission to retire America. One person. Welcome back. Joe Walsh radio show today. We're talking about a term called bitchy. This the desensitization in your life to where you stop.

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