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Yeah and like they've been tom. We go like walking around the park. And there'd be a family of deer off in the distance so cool eight. Oh yes totally different like. You know they'll see you and you'll see them at member me and my son. We're walking through the woods and assam before he did. Hey buddy look at that. He's a oh hush you know we. We didn't want to spook them or anything. While we're trying to tip toe go quietly and they're just like a like like we didn't want him to run. We're like we backed off and went our own way. You know with different way so they could forge and whatnot. But it's different when it's like. Oh shit completely difference. Yeah i think it's more scary as well like especially with the over animals because your dead territory like it's accurate diagnosis. Then exactly yeah to say. I don't know i. The bear thing would be cool. I just i'll go some other state down here for. I don't like the cold man. i'm not no sir. no sir. so from tipton traveled to london. Have you been in the other areas. Everything else not lived. I've traveled so. I've been to island to krakow in poland. Okay okay Spain and portugal. All right what they which which was the fit your favorite trip. Oh probably four chicago. Which aghil i never experienced anything like that. Before because islands and poland it was very light you know like very cheap holiday season. You know it of monday. Steinbeck cheap places like having your money for food and stuff lot right but my my friends took me on this portugal one and despite for everything i was like damn and it all inclusive and i never went to portugal before at The hotel was absolutely gorgeous. It was all included as well so you just have to food. Oh i'll have a drink. Call yourself a nice cata. Funds are also often. it was a beautiful view. The bill live lay. It was hot wherever it was at. They had a jacuzzi but first time and education and my friend. My friend accused accuser.

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