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Will open September 17th at the Kennedy Center, Kate Ryan, WTO news. Traffic and weather on the 8s two 18 with Carlos Ramirez and the traffic center. Thanks Ian, of course we still have the closure on two 95. That's both D.C. two 95 and I two 95 basically between the 11th street bridge and the suitland Parkway, all lanes are blocked in both directions. You don't want to follow police direction to get around this one. If anything you probably just going to have to bail out, you got a few options, Pennsylvania avenue, and the suitland Parkway are probably going to be your best choices, depending on where you're headed, southeast southwest freeway might be an option as well. Again, it depends on where you're headed. If you're on the southbound side of three 95, watch out for the accident scene that did happen just before the ramp that takes you on to glebe road. Looking at the camera now a single left lane is all that's getting by traffic getting by single file. Now the lane is partially blocked as well. So they're kind of using a bit of the shoulder there, just be very, very careful as you make your way southbound. The delays do begin near the exit for The Pentagon. So do be aware of that as well. Stay left or opt for a different route. Maybe tonight is a night you use route one. If you're headed north mountain three 95, things are quiet towards a 14th street bridge, 66, as always, has a few work zones, but for now, looks like all lanes are running smoothly, even if you only have a single lane, for example, like if you're headed westbound on 66 after route 7, you just have that right lane getting by, but it gets by. You're okay. Headed eastbound after two 34, the Prince William Parkway, they're blocking two lanes on the left hand side, then you may find that along the left near route 50. I 95, completely up to speed from Fredericksburg to the Springfield interchange. In Maryland, the southbound side of branch avenue, unfortunately, still dealing with the accident scene after Surat's road. Looks like as of now, it has updated, you may have two lanes blocked through that area. You may be, you may find yourself under direction here if you're headed southbound after Surat's road. 50 looks good from the beltway out towards the bay bridge. If you're headed westbound, you have two right lanes blocked on the westbound span of the bay bridge. For over 35 years in the DMV Greenberg and betterment has helped tens of thousands of clients who've been hurt in auto accidents or victims of medical malpractice. Visit GB lawyers dot com and feel better. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. Storm team for Samara Theodore your Sunday forecast. Well, as we go through the second half of your weekend, we are tracking showers. Rain is likely on and off throughout the day. This could lead to

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