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I'll tell you. Good afternoon. Happy Friday Eve. Oh, yeah, it is. Yeah. Third year Thursday, Alright, A Tina Menzel. She is admitting That her nickname Adele Dazeem was actually the greatest thing that ever happened to her. Really? I believe she got so much publicity. I feel like her face looked like she was passed at the moment. Yes, Laurie. Okay. When that happened at the 2014 Oscars. That was when John Travolta was on stage, introducing a demon's L and I believe that she was performing Let it go on the Oscar stage her big moment now. Idina Menzel, a Broadway star, You know she has been in. Uh yeah, Oscar. She had been doing things but this was like she's on a global stage, performing one of the biggest hits of the year. John's got a new fresh pressed, wiggle it on that he had styled for that head. And it looked great that wiggle it. It really did. That was actually one of his better oppressed Widlitz. Yes, And so then he introduces. Adina Menzel as Adele the wickedly talented Yes. He did disease, So we loved it. Oh, my God. We were going crazy on Twitter. Oh, well, the world would I mean because I backed it up. Everyone reversed. You were like what? Because we had a tape and we're like, What did he just say? Fucking lead, talented adult, but either, he said, I tell this you It was so dramatic, so like he couldn't really He didn't have his contacts in or something. He couldn't read your name. Yeah, and so mad was mad when it happened, but now reflecting she's had some time. That was seven years ago. She's doing a little carpool karaoke to do some press for the Cinderella movie that she's starring in. I Love That movie You love Cinderella. Did you watch it? No. Oh, I'm going to the It's so cute. Oh, really? Oh, it's so cute. Is that the modern musical mash up so much problems story loved it. So you loved it again. Julia did And I've heard it from other people. They really loved it. Fantastic Now, Julia, Did you like the soundtrack? Did you like the Camilla Cabello song? Yes. I loved all of it. Well, fabulous. Well, they're doing press doing alot carpool karaoke, and that's where Adina Menzel is, like. You know what this is Probably the best thing that ever happened to me. The greatest thing never happened to me. Yeah, because I still have to pause when I say demons, elves, make sure Don't say Adele Dazeem, but you know, he said, she said that John has written so many nice, apologetic emails sent flowers. You were so kind to make up for it. He would fly wherever at this point, and Adina says, I would just say no worries because it's the best thing that ever I totally believe that it was one of the best cringeworthy Funniest things ever. Oh, yes, very much so so. That's all. And you know, John Travolta is always quite funny when he I mean, he talks about it, and I mean, he was He handled it really well. And it was just like, you know, when you make up a new name, Julia, I do today. I made up a new one. Yo know, because today 50 years ago today Imagine the album came out in Yoko did the cover, but I called her Yo know we love that one. It's not a good one, not speaking. Fused with pro. Yo, right. Exactly. Yeah, Correct. Uh, let's get awkward with Jennifer Aniston. Oh, thank you for process. Thank you for posting this because I had watch the whole thing. Oh, my gosh. So this is an interview that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon did on British television to promote the morning show season two. So they were talking with what they call over in the UK A British breakfast show. They were talking to the one show. It would be like a G m A. Yes, of course. Uh huh. And Jennifer Aniston. Really just couldn't be bothered doing press for this. You know what? Even she's terrible at press unless she is sitting down with, like Ellen or Jimmy Kimmel. Someone she knows she is a very She is just an actor who is awkward with the press. And she always has been. She talks with her hands. She kind of has a bitchy resting into like I'm interested in the question, but she's really not. She's not perky. He hasn't like. Recently or you are Julia. Like you would sit like I would be more like Jennifer Aniston. Like on that situation. Julia would be reached. She can't hide her her feelings either, Can you You're so right about that Lorries through. Yes. So Jennifer Aniston was asked about what it was like. Reinterpreting a morning show acting in that, and she talked about it as being that it was a slow burn. She called working on a morning show a very vampire state of life. And she said in mind that you guys live in. Everybody comes alive in the middle of the night, and it's a slow moving train. Which you could get What Jennifer Aniston was pointing out. Laborious way to say something to follow. Here's the thing. Did you watch the morning show? Holly? I didn't. Okay, So one of the things though that really comes across on this great great show and that they do make a big deal about But Jennifer Anderson Yeah, is the time that morning show people get up, which is three a.m., and they make a point of showing the alarm and just how do I And everybody's got a car. So like reset had no problem answering this. Jennifer Aniston cannot answer a press question about a project she's in. Unless it's Eleanor. Jimmy. She just can't do it. Maybe she can sit down with that. She's just a terrible interview. Well, bright. It's interesting because it's like, huh? You think that you would have been coached a little bit about the questions that these people were going to ask? You know, even when she was backstage in the media room, you know it, and it's a refreshingly real thing about her. She doesn't try and make it pretend she doesn't about it. You know, like she'd go like even a couple of people say, I don't really know what you're asking me here, right? So in that way, I mean, I do like that. But thank you for posting it because I was just like, yeah, She doesn't like doing these interviews..

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