United States, Founder, Iphone discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


The united states may be overvalued let's get to that founder and as we mentioned apple shares are slipping a bit today but shares are up by almost forty percent on the year from apple putt campus in keep it tina bloomberg's madam and says the new high end vision of the i find that ten is the most important apple product inese significant upgrade at first reading twenty four in a trip to bring her at screen and the recognition i'm off the iphone for the first time entertainer that are going to hurt demand and probably make happy at the price on the ten nine hundred ninety nine dollars that's if you buy in the states they're out to cheat the models the ice and the eight plus coming out as well all right let's get to the treasury secretary because we had dug telling us about steven the notions comments about tax reform well he also threatened additional sanctions on chinese entities if they don't tell the lion on a new round of un curbs on north korea mission told a conference in new york today that if china doesn't follow the sanctions and us we'll slap additional sanctions on them on china and chinese entities and prevent them from accessing the us and international system while warning on trading revenue from jp morgan chase jamie don and says it may tumble as much as twenty percent year on year dumb and by the way also commented on bitcoin and hey kohl's cryptocurrency a fraud finnair pioneer are really smart well diamond spike at an investor conference all right the time is now five minutes past the hour let's get this one we work escalating the legal fight against the chinese rival you'll work more from bloomberg denise pellegrini new yorkbased we work is now suing your work her trademark infringement it accuses the beijingbased company of infringing parts of its name and logo we were is currently the world's largest provider of rental tests comforts rooms and other workspace essentials your work is the leader in china and is getting ready.

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