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That's what. I'm told that he's ten. Yeah seems just like yesterday. She was four back to christina. Henry's birthday which is friday and by the way Henry was be is birthday. Was on the first okay And it will bring her into dame status. She'd like to be known as dame kristina pearl of clear blue skies and would like birthday cake in bordeaux at the roundtable with a great combo sweet bordeaux. Perhaps i'd like an f. cancer from my step mom who passed away last week. Could we please request them. Business buying karma for an upcoming venture slash adventure. Love is lit. Thanks very courage. Charlie hitting you bet charlie. Do you bet pay. No i said that you bet but what happened just break. All of a sudden karma copa copa sticky in bristol rhode island five hundred You can get the next one with our friends. from japan. ella copa stack key. Bristol rhode island. Hi adam john. I would punched in the mouth over a year ago and have been suckling from the value teat. Ever since i repent. Please deduce me. Can you spend do no jingles. No karnal then we have Three hundred thirty three From japan sir. Mark dekker japan and all the disputed islands in the japan sea. Good to hear from sir mark and we also have a note from dame asteroid coming up. John adam thanks for keeping us all saying over the last year. Looks like this love and light at the end of the tunnel. You were spot on with your analysis of the tokyo games will they won't. They is a game of chicken. Tokyo government would cancel given half chance but they would have to foot the enormous cancellation charges for the tv rights. Global sponsorship deals temporary facilities. You name it. That's even more than i thought it was. If they have to cancel they have to pay for it. Only if the i o c cancel will tokyo be off the hook. That's the international olympic committee. they famously said. Last week they have no intention of calling off the game. Even if tokyo is in a state of emergency with over one hundred thousand participants and officials. Visiting tokyo has no capacity to cope if an outbreak occurs in any of the venues or were still the olympic village. It's gotta be fun. We'll keep you updated as these as this unfurled over the next two months looking forward to seeing you in the keeper here as soon as all of this is over if you could send some G csc karma to my daughter. Mila at the british school here in tokyo would help on the four exam. she's taking out of twelve. The other eight were cancelled. Due to the pandemic the viruses obviously selective which exam boards. it hits yes indeed That is Sir mark duke or japan and all the disputed islands in the japan sea. Good to hear from you. good sir. he's a real sir. You've got twice. Armand sir. Christopher kessler a baron from marshfield wisconsin. Three thirty three thirty three and he says no jingles. No karma dad is the best note. Today there's others can you walker city texas Three thirty three thirty three. This is the best note and nothing from her. That's exactly right. It's not just hey we're having hope you out. Thank you can if you did have a note. Send it to us. Notes at no agenda show dot net uses subject line donation madison mcclure in park city. Utah three three three park city. This is my first donation. But i'm a new listener and no need for deducing by parents have been listeners years. I hope this will boost my hillsdale college application. Well i'll needs some karma also..

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