Pentagon, Drew Springer, Governor Gavin Newsom discussed on Mark Levin


The Pentagon says that those first troops should be arriving there in a little over a week. This is all part of President Biden's pushed to set up 100, mass vaccination centers all over the country within a month. FEMA has asked the Pentagon to supply as many as 10,000 service members to staff. Those 100 centers since announcement marks the beginning off the filling. That request are over 26 million confirmed US cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. Recall effort against California Governor Gavin Newsom is gaining more mo mentum Randy economy is a senior advisor to the of the effort who spoke to America report. We have hundreds of thousands of people who are Dedicated their lives to making this happen on Gus at the recall effort at recall Gavin 2020 Qamar is the vehicle and the engineer behind this movement, and we've never been more excited Governor Newsome being criticized for his handling of covert 19. Later said in the special run off for the seed in the Texas House, you having a rabbit has set the runoff election between David Spiller and Craig Quarter for February. 23rd the candidates are running to fill the House district 68 seat once occupied by newly elected state Senator Drew Springer. Springer beat Dallas alone owner Shelly Luther late last year in the race for a Senate seat. District includes Cook, Jack and Monty counties. Early Voting starts February 16th Plate. Nevil, WB AP New Sunday Super Bowl. 55 will not bring the typical economic boom to its host city of Tampa Bay amid the pandemic, But the game remains a coveted prize for cities across the country. Monica Paul with the Dallas Sports Commission says North Texas has expressed serious interest in hosting another Super Bowl. Next step, Sir. Them really getting through this Super Bowl, um, figuring out Obviously a sexist, covert and the pandemic and hopefully things get back on track and then can kind of resume. Some of those discussions. Weekend marks a decade since the Super Bowl was played at a TNT stadium in Arlington, Texas. Business closing numbers on Wall Street The Dow up 92 points NASDAQ Up 79 the S and P 500 up 15. Again Low tonight. 40. It is 58 degrees from the W B A P News desk. America Bushman Your next update at 6 30 24 7 coverage. A w b.

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