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Six ten WTVN. Allison wyatt. Early draw a lot of conclusions. But I think the conclusion that we should draw is we may have a bad guy doing bad things and take away his life. A handful of wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against Mount Carmel health system as well as Dr William Houston today. Now, Ohio's attorney general is calling for the immediate suspension of Dr Houston's licensed to practice medicine across the state. Privately hear the complaint, and then if they elect to do the summary suspension, then within fifteen days there has to be where the doctor gets to defend himself wishes and my office represents or conducts that hearing, so we'll we'll be ready to go. If the board wants to go that way, his call comes as Mount Carmel now says they suspect upwards of thirty four people may have died at the hands of the doctor who reportedly ordered lethal doses of drugs be administered to his patience Wright state university professors were again on the picket line today for day three of their strike several students. Join their faculty members to express their disappointment that the university and the union are still far apart on an agreement after two years of negotiations. You can go to your local career center. Get certificates and leave making sixty thousand dollars a year right out of high school, and you don't have a penny of college debt loot. Tenant governor told a convention of educators that the governor's office as behind them as they seek for changes to their campus. Lieutenant governor John Huston seeks to assure career and technical educators. They will get attention from the new administration. What I think many parents and students in probably people in the general public don't understand that you can get world-class skills right near local career center. You said says state funding is top of mind right now because of the calendar and the club essentially have two months to put the blueprint together for two years of state spending. Lieutenant governor says right now is the time to focus and get the spending blueprint for all of Ohio, correct at the state house. Jared alley NewsRadio six ten WTVN and the Red Cross issuing the call for blood donors today. They say.

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