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In went. Bananas The, all the difference there is with a hot banana pudding. Scott Meringue on top and has to be bay right and if you talk with topping, you can't put that what has to be cold right? This person said that this is the way their families made it for a long time. They made the banana pudding and had the cookies on top wafers on top bananas in the bottom has strawberries actress. Good it was good. Yeah. I had never heard of it before though as my grandmother she thought I was crazy. Yeah. Where's where? The person that always had to ask your people from my folks are from the south. My folks are from Louisiana and Arkansas hurt her people from Tennessee. Z. Know where they came. That's not sounded less nice slander people from Tennessee. My Mom's just wanted to. Nothing against anybody from Tennessee. And I've never been to Tennessee I've my best friends from Memphis and he had never heard of it before he he he's used to banana pudding that we've all had. But yes, she said that was their family recipe there from Tennessee now let me ask you this. Can I ask you one bad did your family serve in Brocha Christmas and if they did have marshmallows pantograph and all we didn't win no, I've never had broken. Brocha was acting that way because my family always said, I think it is I us one when I when people ask me the difference between Seoul and Southern I point to Ambrosia something I just don't ever really see Ryan and black restaurants. No, I can't think of one soul food joint that had it. I am. Definitely always there of course. Is always oranges coconut and jot constant, sugar and Sherry. A bunch of stuff like marshmallows, greats, and grab like that. Forgot this question especially, if they eat so much of it Fried Chicken I wanNA know but I wanNA know about the history of Fried Chicken and I've really different things that came in west Africa they were frying chicken already and then some people not all the settlers. But some says, I, don't remember the Scots Irish or whoever but but I've heard all these different stories about the. Origination of southern, fried chicken and which groups combined to make it. If he was already something that was already being made in US familiar form in Africa or who brought watch, what do you guys know about that and and how that evolved as well. If devolve differently for white people in different you for back people in the South I, know a lot about that. But I'll let Kathleen gophers now. Now you go first on this way. Why wouldn't to start it in Africa also? Yes. This is one of those This is one of those foods as falls victim DOA lack of early documentation. So one of the strongest arguments for West African origin of it is that there were chicken certainly in west Africa by the time of the slave trade and there was a deep frying tradition. But if you look at a descriptions of how west Africans made fried chicken or prepared chicken, it's just it's more like a Fritzy Dan fried chicken as we understand it. Demonstrates because Haiti is very African. Yeah..

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