Loudon County, Kelly Burke, Benjamin Netanyahu discussed on The Larry O'Connor Show


Klu klux klan flyers on people's driveways in mailboxes in loudon county the leesburg city council is preparing to respond twenty felt very strongly that contain nothing was to have gift that we agreed with it and we most certainly don't leesburg mayor kelly burke says the city council tonight will take up a resolution condemning the kkk flyers because there has so far been little that law enforcement can do air a country that has a constitution and free speech is part of that although there may be something they can do our police department it's working with state and federal police entities and we're trying to see if if there's any charge at the camp be brought forward rules optional wmal with wmal dot com isreaeli media reporting that police have recommended indicting prime minister benjamin netanyahu on corruption charges with allegations that the prime minister has repeatedly denied the recommendations as reported don't immediately threatened netanyahu but they are deeply embarrassing and could underscore calls for him to step aside police had been investigating two cases for months in one netenyahu is accused of receiving more than one hundred thousand dollars in gift from hollywood mogul and other wealthy supporters the other involves supposedly secret talks with the publisher of a major israeli newspaper in which netanyahu allegedly arranged for positive coverage with a promise to use his power to rein in a competitor i'm jan johnson debate continued over who knew what regarding rob porter prior to his departure it's a long explanation from press secretary sarah sanders as to why no administration officials noticed red flags with the security background check of rob porter and in office staffed by career people gets mentioned three times.

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