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2018 honda's ted 22 join evident amid day joining us right now the former gm of the new york mets and at steve phillips i steve hey guys how you can do with your your my day steve but before i even get into that i want to compliment you then i mean love affairs ruined all methods i need is john your loans you have a show on siriusxm i listen to it i really enjoyed i think he's a very good job now there are times where you have opinions that i once i almost crashed my bike steve when you suggested the whole one one count thing but i i think you do a great job now with without i like to sean i is is a very good join me i'm not just saying because your comment on how you wound my morning because i'm in a good mood you're all my my son slept in a crib for the second night no role i was ecstatic the knives are staying on long island and you're telling me that joe would i in every met french have empathy for the willpower kid yeah well sure thing is the i got there because i'll have more money than us we oughta malika you go out other rich they should just deal with it but it's just not the reality that ellie everything is relative to our life our lifestyle odd job or expectation uh in you know people get out on the batch they call them cheap but not accountable and unlike none of it to accurate the reality is they spent one hundred fifty five million dollars and pay will last year i look i don't reason took offend that's i they fired me white they fire the i have no reason to defend them i eat a job i i'm happy with the job that i have uh on mlb network radio and seriously come happy with the job that i have idle anything from them at all but i.

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