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Up will gather some money up and just fucking actually start doing haunted like next year with for halloween. I do want to maybe do a haunted walk. And billy will film and record it and we'll go to haunt to walk in niagara falls or hamilton. They'll be fine. It will do for fans we find shit so obviously street fucking horror and tara so much on here that there has been numerous reports of haunting stuff. So they have. obviously paranormal. investigator is come. There are more often than other places. One recent such account tip counts the typical activity. That happens in this town even to this day. And this comes from ghosts of america from a witness who says i moved into. My black river falls apartment a little while ago a year ago within about six months strange things start happening. My wife and i had an experience of feeling someone sitting next to us on the bed. In about a month ago. I was turning from my kitchen into the hall leading into the bedrooms when a face to face with the full bodied apparition of a middle aged woman shes He's a ghost of an old bitch. She vanished but i got a really good look at her. Nevertheless on another more recent occasion. I saw my cat staring at a place on the wall near the ceiling adjacent to the living room closet. I went to see what she was looking at. And i saw yellowish colored orb flowed across the ceiling and disappear into this said closet. The cat and west took your house. They so creeds would-be the cat then went to the closet and stared at the door. When i open the door she ran away quickly and the orb was no longer visible to me. Paranormal investigators talk. They always talk about or like learn today on ghost adventures. That's a better one. That's better. I like that one more.

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